The All-Too Common (and Boring) Gifts to Avoid

If you are a man with a special woman in your life, giving gifts to them on a regular basis is totally commonplace. Whether it is your anniversary, valentine’s day, Christmas, or their birthday, you are almost constantly thinking about what gift to purchase your lady next. And while most socially acceptable gifts are not going to get in into any hot water with your special woman, it would be disingenuous to say that some gifts are way too commonplace overall. Here will provide you with a comprehensive list of gifts for your woman that are all-too common and frankly quite boring – in other words gifts that you should try to avoid as much as possible.

The first gift on our list is flowers. It is the classic gift for any man to give their woman, but it frankly doesn’t require much thought. In fact, many men often rely on flowers as a last-minute gift idea when they forget a special occasion until the day of. Unless you are known for giving your woman flowers, this can easily come off as a thoughtless gift, especially if that is the only thing you are giving your woman. Add in the fact that flowers are perishable and barely last a few days and you can hopefully see why this sort of gift isn’t a top-tier gift by any means.

Another similar gift that is also paired with flowers is chocolates, which is all too common for Valentine’s day. This fact alone should make it clear that this sort of gift is pretty boring and predictable, not just because you may be inclined to give chocolates every year, but because every other guy on the face of the planet would be inclined to do the same thing for their women as well.  One piece of advice is that if you want to mix things up with chocolates, choose to give her chocolates on an occasion other than Valentine’s day.

Although shoes are definitely a good way to show that your woman means a lot to you, the simple fact of the matter is that they are also pretty boring overall. When the average woman owns over 30 pairs of shoes, it isn’t particularly exciting receiving yet another pair of shoes from you, no matter how much it cost you. Or at the very least, it will seem exciting at first, but that excitement will decline rapidly after the novelty has worn off in a few days.

As you can see, not all gifts are created equal. Even if a gift may be socially acceptable and may even be appreciated by your woman, there is a very good chance that your gift will ultimately be pretty boring if you end up buying one of the gifts on this list. Now there is nothing wrong with buying these sorts of gifts from time to time (there’s a reason that men gift them in the first place). But if you want to do something actually meaningful and thoughtful, thinking outside the box with a unique gift is an absolute necessity!