About Kathy

Hi everyone! My name is Kathy Gordon and I am the creator of Life’sACharm.net!

For almost a decade now, I have been married to my husband Jacob and we are still absolutely and completely in love with one another.

However, after the first few years of dating (and eventually of marriage), there were times when my husband was really having difficulty finding the perfect gift for me.

He would constantly give me gifts that were totally predictable, and while they weren’t terrible, there was definitely plenty of room for improvement.

I eventually talked to him about what kinds of gifts would really wow me and soon afterwards, his gift ideas were blowing me away each and every time!

Because of how much of a difference those gift selections made to the overall success of our relationship, I decided that it would be a good idea to share exactly the types of meaningful and thoughtful gifts that any woman would love to receive from their man.

If you are a man reading this, then be sure to utilize some of these gift ideas the next time you need to gift something to your woman. And if you are a woman reading this, then don’t hesitate to share this site with your man, or at the very least talk to him about these sorts of gift ideas to get him on the right track the next time he needs to get you a gift!

Gift-giving is an important part of any healthy relationship, and so hopefully this blog will help men everywhere to start consistently giving amazing gifts to the special women in their lives. Thanks for reading!