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April 30th, 2012

The Irony in My Life

Me and my Boys, Easter Morning

Me and my Boys, Mark (2) and Matthew (5) at Easter Morning, April 8, 2012

Originally posted in Facebook on April 26 at 8:20am:

The other night, my 5-year old Mathew was crying hard because he refuses to do his homework. I got fed up! I dragged him outside the door, told him if he doesn’t do his homework and chores, he doesn’t deserve to live in the house, that he will live outside! (I know, I can be tough that way! But I got to do what I have to do.) He then calmed down, and told me that he doesn’t want to live outside, in his words, “… because it’s dirty out there.” And then he did his homework calmly!

So last night, while I was lecturing Matthew to do his homework and chores, he is more agreeable to me. He said, “Yes Ma’am. I will do my homework and chores, so I will not live outside.” Upon hearing this, my 2-year old Mark panicked! He rushed to get his shoes, and was knocking at the door to go out. All he heard was the word ‘outside‘ for him to think we were going outside. And since we were not going outside, I had to deal, this time, with Mark, crying hard on the floor out of frustration for NOT going outside!

Sometimes, the ironies in my life just blow my mind!

Originally posted in Facebook on April 23 at 12:36pm:

Matthew: Mommy, what is a mammal?

I know for a fact that – a mammal is an animal characterized by their mammary glands. I realized that that definition has so many implications, so I thought hard to not mention ‘mammary glands’ or ‘boobs’

Me: You know, animals like pigs and dogs.

Matthew: You’re right, Mommy, ’cause they are warm blooded and have hair.

Me: You are so smart!

It’s SO hard to think of a 5-year old age appropriate answer! I don’t want to be tested again!

Originally posted in Facebook on April 18 at 7:20am:

Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff. ~ Catherine M. Wallace

Now that Matthew talks so earnestly, I struggle so much with listening to him earnestly, especially early in the morning, when we are rushing to get ready for school. When in between brushing his teeth and putting his clothes on, he’ll stop, get my attention, and start to tell me, “Mommy, I need to tell you something.” And then, I’m supposed to listen earnestly without fuming when he continues with, “My butt is itchy.

Matthew (5) and Mark (2)

Matthew (5) and Mark (2), Photo taken on April 14, 2012

Photo originally posted in Facebook on April 14 at 12:08pm:

My boys, Matthew (5) and Mark (2) … sporting plain white shirt, casual shorts, sunglasses and matching footwear for our late morning stroll!

Originally posted in Facebook on March 31 at 12:01pm:

Matthew: I want to play the Wii.

Me: Okay. Pick up all the toys on the floor first.

A lot of minutes later …

Me: Matthew, you haven’t picked up the toys yet.

Matthew: I don’t want to play Wii anymore.

Cranky Mark

Cranky Mark, Photo taken on March 16, 2012

Photo originally posted in Facebook on March 16 at 8:36am:

Mark’s 3 words, “I am cranky!”

All he wanted to do was to explore inside the refrigerator, but I wouldn’t open the refrigerator door for him. He didn’t want to eat. What he wanted was to play with the ketchup and salad-dressing bottles and the raw eggs in the refrigerator.


1 Comment to 'The Irony in My Life'

  • May 1, 2012

    I love reading about all the funny things your kids do and say. Puts a smile on my face everytime! Thanks! 😀

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