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May 25th, 2010

Why I Don’t Watch American Idol Season 9

  1. Hubby’s day-off is Tuesday. I let him choose what shows/movies to watch on his day-off; and he never chooses American Idol over the new DVD/Bluray releases.
  2. I always forget that American Idol is up when it’s up! And on the rare occasion that I do remember it’s up, I couldn’t care less…
  3. Because when I watched the earlier episode of the show, none of the contestants took my attention.
  4. Thus I do not have a favorite this year. I think they are – flat, uninteresting, ordinary, etc…
  5. The few that stood out, weren’t good enough. Lee is cocky, Crystal has a dull personality; Casey James only has good looks going for him; etc.
  6. I think the previous seasons were better than than this season. If any of the contenders this season ever tried to compete with those of the previous seasons, none of them will ever make it.

Will I watch tonight’s American Idol? Most probably not! I’ll be watching Dancing with the Stars Result Show. I’m rooting for Evan to win.

Will I watch tomorrow night’s American Idol Result Show? Yes, they always make a great Finale Show. I just wonder how they are going to top last year’s finale show, especially ‘Adam Lambert/Kiss’ performance.

February 5th, 2009

A Few Hours on TV

So I was watching American Idol. I’m so glad that Bikini Girl has been booted out! I feel sorry for those girls she has brought down with her. But she doesn’t seem to care …

About celebrities, Christian Bale is under fire for going ballistic over a a Director of Photography. I heard the recording. He was angry, cursing and all, and the nobody seem to get him to shut up. But It sounded more to me like a bad day at work, and nothing more. Lisa Bloom, some guest commentator, said something like people don’t do such a thing. Really? I so strongly disagree. I am sure that the director, or some crews have gone ballistic around each other as do other people in their own workplaces. Unfortunately for Christian Bale, his moment of weakness was well documented. And same goes with Michael Phelps, who was photographed, during a time of weakness as well. I know he shouldn’t be smoking pot in the first place however I think, it’ll be a big joke if he goes to jail for that.

How did Obama got associated to Jessica Simpson’s Weight Battle? Leave it to CNN to do that thru a magazine cover. Speaking of Jessica Simpson’s weight, well she looks heavier than before but she doesn’t look at all affected by that, and she actually looks happy, while dancing on the stage in a really unflattering outfit.

While watching Tyra, I found out that there is a certain woman who eats cigarette ashes and uses it as an ice cream topping. Yak! And wow, Jude Law is going to play a transvestite in a movie, and Kelly Clarkson is lesbian? And Joaquim Phoenix going to be a rapper is not a hoax! I like Joaquin Phoenix as an actor. I’ve seen most of his movies. I don’t know how to react to him becoming a rapper.

Also, there is a new drama that I’ve started watching – ‘Lie To Me’. It comes after Americal Idol on Wednesdays. It’s good! I have seen 3 episodes so far. It makes me want to know whenever someone is lieing to me.

And have anyone heard of UFO underwater? Or should I say USO as in Unknown Swimming Object or Unknown Submerged objects. Hubby seen this show in the History Channel. Gosh, he made me realize I’ve been watching trashy shows and should flip to more educational channels. So I did.

And since I am not into sports or any form of sweaty men running around, my few or many hours watching TV definitely doesn’t include the NFL.

Now why have I been spending time watching TV all of a sudden? For a long time, Matthew has monopolized the TV to watch his favorite movies (Cars, Peter Pan, Bee Movie, Garfield, etc). I mean all day I have to watch these children’s movies with him over and over for a long time. But eversince I’ve rediscovered the Split screen feature in our TV (I forgot about it, imagine that! ), we have been enjoying watching TV together – him watching his favorite movies on the other half with sound coming out of the entertainment system, and me watching TV from the other half with minimal sound coming from the TV speakers or it’s sometimes mute with captions.

April 13th, 2008

Taiwan TV Series: Meteor Garden

F4, Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden, F4
Vic Zhou as Huaze Lei
Jerry Yan as Daoming Si
Vaness Wu as Meizuo Ling
Ken Chu as Xi Men

After much convincing from dear Sister, I watched Meteor Garden, a taiwanese drama, aired 2001 in Taiwan, and in 2002 in the Philippines. I’ve heard about Meteor Garden from vacationing in the Philippines as that foreign TV series dubbed to Filipino language. It has become really famous that it become a trend setter.

There are always references to the characters from this TV drama in conversation between the women in the family. Before, I just didn’t understand it. I couldn’t follow in the conversations. But they all make sense to me now – my cousins’ and aunts’ giggles over hunkie TV personalities, including my brother’s hairstyle!

Barbie Hsu as Shancai

Meteor Garden
Barbie Hsu as Shancai

Four handsome model/singer/actors play the four leading characters of handsome arrogant but glamorous and filthy-rich bullies in a university. They call themselves F4. The love story begins when, a poorest girl in school, Shancai, defies the bullying. She then gains their respect, and the leader of F4, Daoming Si , starts falling in love with her. There’s more to the story – love triagle, family challenges, friendship, etc.

Well, the story is engaging! It has clever twists. I enjoyed the bickering between the lovers, and their stubbornness. They brought out a lot of laughs. It is really funny! Also as the story progress, the F4 members become caring and lovable, as the reason for their arrogance and playfulness becomes clear. Much more reason to get hooked to the story and the characters. However, I also find it violent. I mean the lead female character, Shancai , endures being beaten up – literally, being kicked and slapped and almost being raped. It’s just unbelievable!

But I have to be honest, I got really caught up with the characters. There are 4 handsome guys to look at even though they really can’t act. Out of the four character, I am more drawn to the second lead characters – Meizou(Vaness Wu ) and Zi Men (Ken Chu). These characters are more interesting to me – cheerful and great personality, while Daoming Si (Jerry Yan) and Huaze Lei (Vic Zhou) characters seem dumb and don’t-have-a-clue. But they are all so lovable and still these are 4 interesting prince charmings to dream about.

Meteor Garden, F4

Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Van Ness Wu and Ken Chu

Due to the success of Meteor Garden, these four leading cast formed a boyband, which is famously known as F4, now officially known as JVKV.

March 28th, 2008

Korean TV Series: Loving You (2002)

Loving You
Loving You
Loving You

Eugene and Park Yong Ha
as Da-rae and Hyuk

First came out in 2002. I love it! This time Park Yong Ha, second lead in Winter Sonata, takes the lead role. I can’t get enough of his masculine deep voice and boyish look. I am such a fan.

Well, the story is too cute to not like it, eventhough there’s too many flaws. The story isn’t original. It should have been entitled Little Mermaid because the plot is similar to Disney’s Little Mermaid. The local girl-diver saved a guy from drowning. He is sort-of a prince since he is the son and heir to a very rich man. A year later, the guy meets the girl again, falls in love with her but he doesn’t recognize her as the one who saved him. And there’s an evil witch who poses as the savior while the girl is mum about the whole incident.

Production is flawed. Park Yong Ha’s changing hairstyle is ridiculous! He changed his hairstyle 4 times, more than anyone in the cast. His scar in his side changes location from right side to left side. Sometimes it even disappears.

The story may be poor in originality but it isn’t boring! I was thoroughly entertained! And since the pace of the story is fast, it is even more engaging.  The scenic shots were majestic – the beaches and underwater. There’s nothing like a story like this, of how lovers fight and kiss-and-makeup and of how a guy betters himself for the girl he loves, to make me smile and lift up my spirit.

It’s only 12 episodes long. I wish it’s longer! I was disappointed while it’s on it’s last minutes not beause of how it’s ending, but because – it is ending when I wanted more. I like the ending. It is tricky though, since the real ending came after the end credits.

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March 27th, 2008

Korean TV Series: Winter Sonata (2002)

Winter Sonata

Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo
as Joon-sang and Yu-jin

Winter Sonata

Park Yong Ha and Choi Ji Woo
as Sang-Hyuk and Yu-jin

Winter Sonata was first shown in Korea in 2002. Then it was shown in Japan dubbed with Japanese. A japanese friend really loved Winter Sonata. She only had good things to say about this. I wasn’t into TV then so, I didn’t care at all.

Winter Sonata has an original story at a time and place where the culture dictates that family comes first, where holding hands is not cheap and kissing is rare even for lovers. I find the story very romantic but too dramatic!

The romantic scenes were not tainted by unnecessary torrid kissing and nudity scenes, unlike in American Soap Operas, – a very BIG plus. But there’s just too much drama as it tackles different facets of friendship and love – from childhood friendship to love, puppy love, first love, obsessive love, unrequited love, etc.

If you are up for an emotional high, this is the drama to watch, for everything in it stirs up the emotions, …well, at least mine.

Yu-jin, the lead female character, is sad and heart-broken from the death of her first love, Joon-sang, played by Bae Yong Joon. And she just can’t seem to get her heart’s desires. Choi Ji Woo, who played Yu-jin, was every effective in this character. Her acting performance including the other actors is good. Her tears were like running water from the faucet. The winter shots were impressive. The sad nostalgic background music is too moving, and the song is beyond effectively piercing eventhough I don’t understand the lyrics.

Although, the complete series is readily available to just finish watching it, I had to rest a few times in between the 20 episodes! It can get really emotionally draining when you are too engrossed with a sad story. But then I just can’t seem to just stop watching it. Sometimes, I had wished that the writer would just kill a character in the earlier episodes just to get the story over and done with.

If it’s up to me, I would have ended it at Episode 3 on my favorite scene, where Sang-Hyuk, the 2nd male lead character played by Park Yong Ha, understands and keeps loving Yu-jin, even after she missed their engagement party. She was running after someone who looked like Joon-sang, who supposedly died ten years back.

The next night she waits for a chance to see Joon-sang again, or at least his look-alike. When Sang-Hyuk found out, he comes after her, kneeling with tears. He recollects ten years back, at the time Sang-Hyuk lost Yu-jin’s affection to Joon-sang.

Park Yong Ha as Sang-Hyuk (Winter Sonata)You should have told me. I would have waited with you.
I’ve wondered sometimes how it would have been, if I had been the one who found you when you got lost in the cabin. If I had found you, would you have fallen in love with me first?
I don’t regret loving you first. This way you have my shoulder to lean on when you are in pain.
I’m glad I can be there for you.

– Sang-Hyuk, Winter Sonata

If it’s up to me, after this scene, they get married and live happily ever after, and it ends there. Sang-Kyuk wouldn’t have to be desperate and suicidal in the later episodes. But where is the drama in that?

I don’t know what’s about Sang-Hyuk character that really gets to me. It must be his sense of reliability and emotional stability and his absolute commitment to love. He just embodies someone who loves no matter what, as he waits that his love will be returned. With him, you don’t second guess about being loved.

Or probably, I just find Park Yong Ha (Sang-Hyuk) better-looking with those sympathetic eyes and deep voice. 😉

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