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Photo Hunt – Red
Matthew (3) and Mommy (at 23-weeks pregnant) by our Christmas Tree
My Boys, Easter 2013
May 12th, 2008

Celebrating Me as Mommy

I’m thanking you all those who greeted me ‘Happy Mother’s Day’… all blogging friends, friend who emailed, my sister who called, my in-laws and my mother, … and those who wished me well that day and kept me in their prayers but didn’t have the chance to talk!

And of course, I’m thanking my baby MAtthew whose smiles and laughter make my day, and my dear hubby who never fails me. They let me sleep in late that day. And dear hubby grilled for dinner and we just hang-out at the couch watching movies. It was a wonderful day!

I wish I have taken some pictures but I was too lazy to do anything, but I was entitled to be lazy. It was afterall a celebration of me as Mommy.

Mother's Day 2007, Me and Matthew, Taken on May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007, Me and Matthew, Taken on May 13, 2007

December 6th, 2007

Picture with Santa Claus

Happy St. Nicholas Day!
December 6 is the feast day of St. Nicholas a.k.a. Santa Claus,
the Patron Saint of Children, Sailors, etc.

Photo Taken December 5, 2007
Click the photo to enlarge.

Click here view more photos.

If there is one word to describe Matthew’s picture taking with Santa this year, that would be ‘challenging’. Poor Santa has to endure Matthew’s wiggling about.

At the start of the Kid’s Christmas Party, Matthew has been really good, smiling at everyone and even waving at them. However, the long line to Santa must have been really tiresome and boring for him, that a change in behavior occurred. Daddy had to carry him and walk around to calm him down, while I waited in line.

When it was our turn, poor Santa didn’t know how to keep Matthew in his lap. Mr. Photographer was waiting for Matthew to settle down but he isn’t about to settle down. I had to argue to just take the picture no matter how the baby looked like. Well, he looked like a really grumpy baby. At least he’s wearing a really nice Christmas outfit.

Last year was a breeze. If only he behaved just like last year …

Photo Taken December 2006
Click the photo to enlarge.

December 1st, 2007

Photo Hunt – Red


What can I say?! We love wearing RED every Christmas!

November 29th, 2007

Deck My Blog, It’s Officially Christmas

We’re done decorating for Christmas! Christmas has officially started in our home and in my blog!

Every year, my darling hubby takes care of assembling Christmas Tree. I could do it myself except that it’s too heavy and too tall for me to assemble especially the top part. He does a better job with putting it up anyway and it’s tradition! I take care of decorating the tree! With regards to overall decorations, he does the manly stuffs like stapling the garland to the walls and putting up the lights in the ceiling, while I take care of placing the little pieces to a pleasant arrangement.

We’ve had our Christmas tree since 2003. We weren’t married yet when we bought it. It’s the very first Christmas Decor we’ve ever bought together for our very first Christmas together. Every year, we buy one special Christmas ornament and we garnish it with a picture that was taken that Christmas. So we have a collection of personalized ornament since 2003.

What you see in my header is a portion of our Christmas tree, with the picture Christmas ornament that I made for 2006. The little ‘stocking’ is one of the gifts Matthew received last year, his first Christmas. I think it makes a perfect header to shed some Christmas spirit!

In my recent blog-hopping, I bumped into Deck The Blog Anti-Contest. Check it out before closing on Dec 10, 2007!

Deck your blog with lots of Christmases! You could be qualified to win some really nice prizes, or simply participate to join in the fun in shedding some Christmas spirit in the … blogosphere!

November 22nd, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Our Thanksgiving feast is composed of deep fried turkey, stuffing, sourthern greens and pumpkin pie. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving! 

Click to View Our Thanksgiving Photos

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