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Goofy daddy-and-son moments while waiting for Santa. Taken on December 8, 2009 at The Village Mall, Opelika, Alabama.
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March 7th, 2009

Dayoff and Anniversary

I feel like I have to explain in follow up on my birthday post. Hubby and I used to have movie time everynight, and we always go out on weekends. We used to watch American Idol together and tease each other about our favorite contestants. But since we moved here in Alabama, we don’t get to that those stuffs anymore. He only have one-day day off in a week, and every third weekend. So our time together has dimished. He works long hours from 6am to 10pm. But since we live here in the campus, he comes by on his breaktime and everytime he can. He usually plays with Matthew and catch up with us, rest and we just sit together and watch TV. However it’s less time than before, i always anticipate him popping up throughout the day.

This weekend is one of those weekends that he is off. That’s good! He gets to be home for our 5th year wedding anniversary. We have not much planned. I’m just going to make his favorite dessert – leche flan. He can catch up on a much needed rest and spend time with me and Matthew.

January 15th, 2009

2009 Hopes, Goals and Resolution

I had been meaning to post my 2009 hopes and expectations for the new year but it took me this much time to put my thought into words.

When our 2008 happened so fast and exceeded all my hopes and expectations, it has left me with just to continue hoping for more of what happened, and continue hoping for what didn’t happen last year.

So I am continuing to hoping for more travelling – maybe to the Philippines this year. And for those that didn’t happen for us last year like – having a new baby or having a new career for me. But these two hopes are not so much priority right now.

The first one – having a new baby – it is not exactly something that we are planning although we are not preventing it to happen either. I mean, we will go with – it will happen in God’s time without fuss and worries. As for having a career, it isn’t something that I am really looking for especially right now that Matthew takes up most of my time. But I will welcome a new job if it is being offered.

Same hopes as last year’s for my family in the Philippines! For dear hubby, I hope for continued satisfaction from his new career. For my little Matthew, that he will stay cute and adorable as he is!

As for my goals this year, I am into blogging more seriously and to write better. And I am thinking of monetizing my blog too. I am thinking that it’s about time to earn from this blogging but of course without compromising my personal style, preferences, schedule and beliefs.

I am also been seriously considering theme building and providing blogging services like designing button, banner and headers and other blog customizations. I had been studying wordpress themes and have started designing themes. I have always been good with colors and design so I think I can deliver quality services. So if anyone’s interested, let me know and be one of my first customers. I promise, I won’t be charging too much! ūüėČ

Also, I am seriously pursuing getting a driver’s license so I can start driving here. I have a driver’s license that allows me to drive in Yokota AB back in Japan. Unfortunately, it has expired and it’s not valid here in the US anyway! Of course, I need to practice since the last time I drove was more than 6 months ago and at the other side of the road. (Hubby: Hint! Hint!)

As for resolution, I don’t make new year’s resolutions for these simple reasons – I forget about it the next few days. And even if I make the list and write them down to keep me from forgetting about them, somehow I always resolve to not following them anyway.

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December 31st, 2008

Post-Christmas and New Year

Thanks to all who visited my blog during my bloggy break, especially to those who dropped holiday greetings and comments! To all my friends and family out there, especially those who follows this blog, have a great 2009!

Matthew's Christmas Tree, Photo taken Dec. 21, 2008
Matthew's Christmas Tree, Photo taken Dec. 21, 2008
Matthew’s Christmas Tree
Photos taken Dec. 21, 2008

We spent the Christmas Holiday in Florida. (Hence the bloggy break.) We had a great week there with hubby’s family. It has been years since¬†hubby and¬†2¬†sibliings were together.¬†(He was the one¬†always missing.)¬†My in-laws can’t be happier about this grand reunion. All the grandchildren with Matthew as the youngest were around too.

We were the first family to arrive and the first task was to put up Matthew’s own Christmas tree. I thought it was a great idea that Mother-IL got him his own Christmas tree to prevent him from messing playing around the big Christmas tree with very delicate and sentimental ornaments. So everytime he comes around the big Christmas tree, everyone would ask him to stay away from Grandma’s tree and directed him to his own Christmas tree, which he delightedly obeyed (most of the time).

I am pleased that my energetic 2-year-old Matthew really did good with regards to damages. He didn’t break any ornament or caused any major damages until our last night in Florida when he took the candy bowl from the counter and dropped it while walking away with it. It’s one of those Christmas themed glasswares that his Grandma have had through the years. However in perspective, for an energetic 2-year old, the damage wasn’t a big deal according to Mom-IL, which I agree!

So our Christmas was almost a  week long celebration composed of Karaoke singing, drinking and a lot of cooking, eating and a whole lot of picture taking. (Click the photo to enlarge the photo.)

Amber and Brandy, Karaoke, Photo taken Dec. 22, 2008 Andy, Jerry and Michael, Karaoke, Photo taken Dec. 25, 2008

Left Photo taken on taken Dec. 22, 2008
Right Photo taken on Dec. 25, 2008

Did I mention there was Karaoke?! We brought our old MagicSing, which is a little deffective since Matthew dropped the microphone.¬†On Christmas Eve, the new model of MagicSing arrived thru UPS. It’s hubby’s Christmas gift for me. I had been hinting that I wanted a new karaoke machine. And hubby never fails!

Christmas Eve, Photo taken Dec. 24, 3008

Christmas Gifts, Photo taken Dec. 24, 3008

These are all the gifts for 12 people. There are mostly for the grandchildren. The biggest on the left is for Matthew from Grandpa and Grandma – a John Deere tractor.

The smallest gift under the Christmas tree is for me from hubby.¬†It’s unexpected because I thought I got my gift already – the MagicSing that came early. And it¬†took me sometime to get over my shock after¬†I¬†unwrapped the gift. It’s¬†a diamond earring! Apparently, hubby got the diamond earring after not finding the karaoke machine anywhere. He thought the earring will be a great substitute but he didn’t settle. Even after getting the earrings, he went online to buy the MagicSing and ordered it to be sent thru UPS next day shipping! Not too practical I know, but I can’t be more grateful! Like I mentioned earlier – he never fails to amaze me!

Christmas Morning, Waking up the Baby, Photo taken on Dec. 25, 2008 Christmas Morning, Photo taken on Dec. 25, 2008
Christmas Morning, Photo taken on Dec. 25, 2008 Christmas Morning, Photo taken on Dec. 25, 2008

Christmas Morning, Photos taken on Dec. 25, 2008

On Christmas morning, Matthew needed help waking up! He had a rough¬†time the night before!¬†He has¬†seen the gift being set up the night before and he couldn’t settle going to bed!

Everyone is on their own opening presents, well except for Matthew who can only rip the wrappings but couldn’t remove the toys off their boxes, but Daddy is always to the rescue. Those darn toys are always well¬†fastened to their packaging!

Sheila, Michael and Tom, Christmas Day Party, Photo taken Dec. 25, 3008

Christmas Day Party, Photo taken Dec. 25, 3008

This is one of those funny photos that I took. Being busy running around and getting through the festivities, it is¬†hard to get these three siblings together. So this is a rare photo opportunity. However, while Tom is looking nice in this photo, his older brother Mike and older sister Sheila¬†can’t help themselves from clowning about.

Michael and Charlotte, Christmas Day Party, Photo taken Dec. 25, 3008 Andy, Sheila and Charlotte, Photo taken Dec. 25, 3008

Christmas Day party, Photos taken on Dec. 25, 2008

Believe me or not, out of the more-than-300 photos taken during the entire week, there are only 6 photos that included me on it! These are 2 of them.

Matthew's New Tractor, Photo taken Dec. 26, 2008 Matthew's New Tractor, GRandpa Leonard, Cousin Andy, Grandma Sally, Daddy Michael and Matthew, Photo taken Dec. 26, 2008

Morning after Christmas Day, Photos taken on Dec. 26, 2008

It took a long time to charge the batteries for Matthew’s new tractor, courtesy of Grandpa and Grandma. So Matthew was able to ride it the morning after Christmas day. After tryng to drive it, well, let me say – he needs more getting used to drying it himself. Maybe in a few months, he will be able to get used to it and he will be more able to control the accelerator! In the meantime he enjoys riding at the trailer-wagon.

We’ve been back since Sunday but putting down the Christmas decorations, home repair, organization and general cleaning, laundry and other chores took priority. Just so for a great start to 2009.

Last night, for new year’s eve dinner, I made my very own home-made pizza. It’s overloading with peperoni and mushroom just like how hubby wants it. And we had quiet time welcoming the new year over a marathon of Battlestar Galactica.

December 24th, 2008

Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday from Life's a Charm!

December 18th, 2008

Matthew’s Visit to Santa

Matthew and Santa, Photo taken Dec 18, 2008

Matthew and Santa, Photo taken Dec 18, 2008

So we went to visit Santa today. I wanted to get him a Christmas attire for the photo with Santa but I didn’t have a chance to get one. So I settled with his monkey shirt and jogging pants! I thought, his hat will make up for his lack of Christmas attire.

There wasn’t too many children lining up to get a photo op with Santa so we didn’t wait to take our turn. It’s definitely a better experience compared last year. He called out ‘Mommy! Mommy!‘ a few times when I placed him in Santa’s lap, but I didn’t go too far so he didn’t really cry. He wasn’t kicking and screaming at Santa (like last year) when the photos were taken but it did take quite a few shots until that perfect photo.

Here are a few trial-and-error shots:
(Click the photo to enlarge the photo.)

At the mall, except for his outburst of energy going through wall to wall and every corner, it was quite exhausting, he was otherwise okay and he seemed to have a lot of fun.

Thanks to Lori and Kimberly for tagging us along!

Click here to view Matthew’s Photo with Santa in the previous years.

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