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May 24th, 2011

Life in a Military School, 2011

Since the world didn’t end, life at the military school continued for its last week. Actually there’s only just a few days remaining. Life at a Military school will soon wind down. Graduation is just a couple of days ahead, and very soon, the campus will seem and feel like a ghost town when the cadets leave, until the summer school anyway.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2011!

The tactical officers, hubby especially, are looking forward to that long awaited well-deserved rest during the summer break and they are kicking it off with a having-fun-and-getting-totally-drunk year-end party as soon as the last cadet leaves.

As our 3rd year here at a military school is about to end, I can conclude from my perspective and the little that hubby tells me, that it’s the most troublesome year so far. Combine all the troubles from our 1st and 2nd year here, and it still doesn’t surpass the troubles of this year. There is just so much drama and not-so-good cadet incidents this year! In just a few days remaining, cadets are still causing so much troubles. Sigh!

Hubby’s work hours has not improved, still working from 6am or earlier until 10pm or later, and only one day-off a week. But we continue to enjoy free meals from the cafeteria, so I still don’t have to cook for us except on school breaks and his day-off.

Home Sweet, New HomeOur highlights this year …

  • We moved out of the apartment by the barracks, and moved in to a separate housing. We welcomed this move so much. The benefits of this move is so significant for us – added space for our growing family; and the separation from the barracks and the cadets, which also means hubby is able to thoroughly enjoy night-times and day-offs, since we don’t have to hear from the cadets unnecessarily anymore. (At the barracks, only a wall separates our apartment from the cadets. We hear them a lot!)
  • Hubby was promoted as Senior Tactical Officer.
  • Briefly, there were 5 tactical officers for 4 companies (group) of cadets. This means 1 Tactical Officer per cadet-group, and 1 support Tactical Officer. It also means more help going around for the Tactical Officers. (It was brief, as 2 Tactical Officers left. There’s just too much stress working for a military school.)

On a proud note, this school year’s yearbook dedication honors Hubby. He won the cadets’ landslide vote to dedicate a whole page for a big photo of him and the cadets’ words of appreciation for him.

When the informal announcement of this dedication was made during lunchtime at the cafeteria, I was secretly told in advance so I got myself and the babies to join them at lunch. (This year, I haven’t gone to the cafeteria. Hubby brings us our meals from the cafeteria.)

I am so proud of hubby. All this time, between the yelling and disciplining he does to the cadets, I am not aware that the cadets like him at all. I don’t think he is aware of this too, or even suspected of it, as it was a surprise for him when his name was called.

I was anticipating some speech, but all he did were – raise the yearbook in the air and yell out “Thank you! “.

May 11th, 2011

Military Day 2011

It was time for the Military Day last Saturday at the military school. This is always a nice whole day event – when parents come to visit their cadets kids; when cadets show off their Army skills; when we, residents of the school, get to be outside enjoying the entertainment that the school offers.

We sadly missed the parade that happened in the afternoon. I was so exhausted at the mark of 2pm, and had to get home to freshen up for the evening’s Military Ball. So the parade is one of the highlights we missed.

Our highlights includes…

Matthew playing at the blow-up obstacle course.

One of kid’s, must be a younger brother of one of the cadets, came up to me and asked me this, “Are you Matthew’s mom? He pulled my leg!” Oh my, this was my first time some little one told on my 4-year old. I’m sure there will be more when Matthew starts kindergarten. I immediately went to Matthew and scolded him. I told him to play nice and not to pull anyone’s leg, or nobody will play with him. And he replied back with, “But he did it first.” pointing to another little one. Sigh! I just continued on telling him to play nice. Sigh!

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Mark’s Walks

Mark just walking around the green grounds, and spend some time with Daddy. (Matthew was busy at the obstacle course to hang out with me or his Daddy.)

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Photo taking at the Army Vehicles

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Army Ranger Demonstrations

Cadets showing off their skills. The whole time the demonstrations were happening, Matthew kept telling me that it’s his turn, to climb up the rapel tower, and jump off of it! Oh my!

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Military Ball

The Military Ball is the only time in a year when hubby wears his Formal Army Uniform. It’s also the great time to pretty-up myself a little bit, put on nice clothes on the babies, and have a nice family photo taken by a professional. {Family portrait will be up soon.}

I did not intend to stay too long at the Military Ball, but my babies were having so much fun. Matthew was on the dance floor dancing with different girls he fancied, and just following the crowd’s dance steps. And Mark only fussed a little bit, and danced with me but not at the dance floor.

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September 13th, 2010

An Eventful Month

It’s been over a month since hubby’s back to work from summer break. Since then, school started at the military school he works at. I have to say it’s been really, um, can’t really find the appropriate word, .. well, interesting since then. I have a difficulty finding the words since I am at a mixed feelings about it right now.

First off, I am so proud of hubby that in spite of the stress and disappointments in his job, he is still trying to quit smoking , and he’s still on top of it. I am crossing my fingers that he will soon overcome his dependence to nicotine, that he gets off his nicotine patch sooner, but still continue to not smoke ever.

In a span of one month, a lot has happened, like a lot! The first few months are always interesting at the military school but this year – interesting is an understatement. I have been in a roller coaster ride of worrying – worrying about hubby, his stress level, his health and his safety. He comes home tired, hurting and feeling sick. He saw a doctor once, and he’s been keeping tabs on his physical health (I hope). And then his job-related stress is another matter. Every time he’s at work, I feel like he is putting himself at risk. The events of the past few weeks had me feeling shaken and so discouraged. Sigh! I am just glad he continues to tell me these things, even though it worries me. It will worry me more if all of a sudden he stops talking.

At least at the home front, we are stressed but fine. Matthew still wants to go to school everyday, but he is still stuck home with me to teach him preschool stuffs. I know this frustrates him, but I am trying my best to get him interested. At one time, we even took a break from our sort-of school activities.

Baby Mark on the other hand, had been really fussy! The day after his doctor’s check-up and immunization, he had high temperature. But that day was over but he remained so fuzzy. I was carrying him more than I used to and suffered body aches. I realized yesterday that all those fuzziness is all about his first new tooth. It finally erupted at the right lower gum. It must have been a lot of stress feeling that strange new tooth in his gum.

August 23rd, 2010

Summer Recap

I’m a little bit nostalgic that Fall will start in a few weeks. Such a wonderful Summer we had.

We’ve gone to Delaware for hubby’s niece’s graduation party. Then we stayed home for quality family time. Then we went to Florida for quality time with my in-laws. While in Florida, we attended Hubby’s High School Reunion. Then we came back to Alabama and moved to another house, still rent-and-utilities free inside the military campus where hubby works. Not to mention Baby Mark’s Christening and Matthew’s 4th Birthday. Then the next thing we know, summer break is over!

I’m a little bit sad that some of our plans did not push through. We didn’t go to Disney World as we have previously planned. We’ve also missed a get-together with a friend before her deployment in the Middle East because of schedule conflicts. Sigh! But then there is always next time.

I am so happy with our move to a bigger house. I especially like the bigger space and Matthew’s playroom the most. This time whenever I clean the house, it actually stays clean for a longer time, since Matthew and his mess stays in the playroom and not everywhere else. Too bad hubby didn’t enjoy much of the house since by the time we were settling in, he had to be back to work.

The school campus now has a few cadets already. In a couple or more days, more cadets will be excited or not coming back to school. I can only hope that they will especially be good to hubby, and not give him extra stress this school year. But, I know, as hubby keeps telling me, in the reality of a military school, there is always at least one defiant cadet.

I’m looking forward to going back to our routine and a calm cool Fall!

May 26th, 2010

Life in a Military School

This is our 2nd year living in a military school. School is ending in a few days. Yes, we have survived living around pre-teen and teenage boys.

The graduation for the 20 or so cadets will be in a couple of days. This school year is mostly laid back. There are more cadets but they are better behaved most of the time in my perspective anyway.We miss hubby so much this school year though, for he only had one day-off in a week and didn’t have a few weekends-off, like last year.

Yesterday night was Senior Prank’s Night. On Senior’s Prank night, they can do whatever they want without repercussions. Hubby woke me up to show me what the Seniors did. They set up the cafeteria tables and chair outside, so they had a outdoor breakfast. And they placed a table setting up the roof. I am still wondering how they did that.

It just dawned on me that I know only a few cadets ever since we started here; and most of them are graduating this year. My heart goes out to the graduating class with great hope and warm wishes as they move on, reach their dreams and pursue great lives for themselves.

My regular day in a military school goes like this …

At pass 7:00 a.m., from our bedroom, I can hear the cadets walking pass our apartment talking, just random talking, or singing their marching chants.

And then I get up. Sometimes I catch hubby bringing us breakfast from the cafeteria. Most of the time, I’d just see the packed breakfast on top of the stove.

At 8:00 a.m., their marching chants goes louder as they go to the school building.

At 10:00 a.m., or at about that time, on hubby’s not-a-busy day, he comes home and say ‘hi’, play with Matthew and the baby. If Matthew lets him, he’ll take a quick nap.

By 12:30, we’ll see the cadets come out of the school building! It’s time for lunch. Since the winter, we haven’t really came out to join them for lunch. We haven’t picked up lunch. Lunch is usually brought by hubby.

At 3:00 p.m. or so, the school grounds will be crowded with cadets doing their activities, quad, practices or just bouncing around everywhere. We are usually indoors, and out of their way.

Dinner time is almost always hard not to notice. There is always commotion before and after dinnertime.

At 7:00 p.m. it’s quiet time – they call it the study hall, when everyone is expected to be studying! Who knows exactly what the cadets are doing in the quiet of their rooms. But at this point, hubby enjoys the quiet time, sitting by office and trying to finish up his work of the day. Earlier this school year, Matthew would join him in his office for a few minutes to give mommy some quiet time too.

On a regular 8:30 p.m., in good weather, the cadets goes down to do PT (physical training). There will be yellings outside, push-ups or what-not, more running around …

By about 9:00 p.m. or so, from our living room, we would be hearing hubby yelling out for ‘cellphones’. It’s time to turn in the cellphones. At first, this grabs Matthew’s attention, and would get him run over to his daddy’s office. Later on, we learned to ignore the yelling and whatever’s going on. Even the baby don’t get bothered by the outside noises activities anymore.

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