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May 6th, 2011

A Mother’s Day, The Stink and The Mess

Mark (12-months) and Matthew (4)

Mark (12-months) and Matthew (4)

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be out there, especially to my mother who has shown me how to be a good mother long before I became a mother!

Get to know Mama!

I was cleaning the kitchen days ago. I was scrubbing the sink, putting things in order, wiping the counters and spot-mopping the floor. Then I went to the living room putting things, toys mostly, in order; spraying and scrubbing the carpet a few times. I was not satisfied!

After all the cleaning, and spraying I did in the house, I still smell the awful pukey stink. The better part of the day I spent trying to find where that stink was coming from to NO success. It can’t be from the laundry room since, I have already tackled the laundry, and the last of my load that day is already in the dryer. I especially washed twice all the clothes that Mark puked on early that day and the rags I used to clean his puke. I can’t be from Mark since I gave him a bath after he puked and put on fresh clothes on him. And Matthew, he still have puke spells every now and then, but that day, it’s simply not from him.

Later on that day, on Mark’s nap, I had a chance to take a shower. On preparing for that shower, I realized that that pukey stink was coming from my shirt, from me! Sigh! I had been walking around the house really annoyed by that awful smell, and all those time, it was coming from me. Sigh! I thought I had gotten better at dodging Mark’s puke. Earlier that day, I actually DID dodge most of it, but my shirt still caught a few specks of his puke that I did not notice because of my busyness and annoyance. My shirt had enough puke to have it’s awful stink to linger around me.

Ironically, because of how much and how often I get puked on, and also change diapers, everyday, I should have gotten used to the stink and the mess by now. But in reality, there really is no getting used to them! It’s awful the first time, and still awful, each and every time I get puked on and have to clean up puke. And it’s awful to change diapers and see some messy surprises in it. Just awful! But, all these come with the joys of motherhood.

I can imagine and expect that as my babies grow bigger and older, their messes are going to be bigger and messier, too, and more serious. Sigh! I am bracing for that reality that they are going to create messes, maybe not the physical type, the kind of messes caused by mishaps, mistakes and wrong decisions that will break my heart and hopefully not but could turn their lives to the not-so-ideal direction!

I hope that as a mother, I’ll be like my mother. That I’ll learn to take the messes all in and persevere but to continue NOT to get used to the messes, so that I can continue to be motivated and not to give up on helping my kids and teaching them self-reliance and discernment, and how to clean up after themselves with integrity.

There’s a lot more to being a woman than being a mother, but there’s a hell a lot more to being a mother than most people suspect.” ~ Roseanne Barr

April 19th, 2011

These Days, On A Positive Note

I have to recant a little bit on my nostalgic post!

My life’s a charm! I get bitten by nostalgia sometimes, but my life is good! For all your concern, thank you! For my mother in the Philippines, who never* calls but called me yesterday, we are fine!

*My mother never calls because I am the one who calls her. It’s more affordable for me to call her, than her calling us here.


So, these days, on the positive note

… I am glad that Mark is now on whole milk even if we now consume 1 gallon of whole milk per day. Baby formula which he had been on from when he was 8-12 months old, was so expen$ive.

… in the midst of the ‘crazy weather’, we are safe and well! When the house was vibrating, I pulled Matthew and Mark, and we stood by the nearest door jam, because I really thought there was an earthquake. Matthew said, “Mommy, it’s just thundering.” He is such a big boy!

My heart goes out to those who lost lives and property in other parts of the US because of the recent thunderstorms and tornadoes.

… my rooster child, Mark, although at most mornings he wakes up at 4:00 am, this morning he woke up at 6:00 am.

… we have been busy with Matthew’s TBall. Even if Hubby will be unable to watch him play, I am glad Matthew still has this event to be around kids his age to play with.

… I have been catching cadets acting suspicious … and I am NOT recanting on this!

… Hubby continues to have the job that he likes and he’s good at. His busy days at work validates this. Still looking forward to the summer vacation, when he can have the rest and leisure he deserves.

… Mark is 1-year old! He has so many antics, he continues to make us laugh with each and every antic and his personality is coming out.

… Matthew is starting kindergarten. He is starting school, and he is so excited about this!

… My babies are growing up so fast, so wonderfully! I am happy I am able to spend time with them as much I could. And I couldn’t be any happier about all the moments I had and will have with them.

May 11th, 2008

Dear Mama

Dear Mama, Greetings on Mother's Day
Top Photo: Matthew and Grandma, Taken on April 11, 2007
Bottom Photo: Mama and Me, March 30, 2004

Get to know Mama:

A musical treat, Mama’s favorite song – We’re All Alone by Rita Coolidge .

To all the mother’s in my life, mom-blogger,
all my friends who are moms themselves, and those who wants to be moms,

Happy Mother’s Day to us all!


August 23rd, 2007

8 Random Things About My Mother

Mama at 50, taken 15July2006 Grandma and Baby Matthew (at 4 months) taken 2Dec2006

These pictures were taken when my mother was here in Japan in 2006. She helped me with my delivery and took care of baby Matthew until he was 4 months old.

My mother and I have a very nice and friendly relationship. I can talk to her about very trivial and important matters without hesitation. We can argue and laugh about the same stuffs. I love her so much! She has been there for me all the time – as a mother and as a friend.

  1. When we are still kids, she has a way of just looking at us that will make us stop and scared that we are going to get punished. So we would behave every time she gives us the ‘look’.
  2. Her resourcefulness and strength in character got us through emotional and financial difficulties when my father died! She was 32-years old with kids in tow: 2 almost-teenagers and a baby.
  3. She was widowed 2nd time when my stepfather died a few years ago. She took good care of him when he was really sick until he passed.
  4. She now enjoys her ‘singleness’ by travelling and having karaoke parties and dancing with her friends, but she still longs for a lifetime companion.
  5. She will cook only as a last resort. She always have someone to cook for her. She’s not a bad cook. She just don’t like cooking!
    • To answer NP’s question, she doesn’t have favorite food, I think. She’s not really picky with foods. It was her husbands who were picky. That’s probably the reason why she never liked cooking, especially for picky husbands.
  6. She’s so skillful and crafty! She has done dressmaking, tailoring to stuff toy making, anything with pieces of fabric and a sewing machine.
  7. She has a way with people. With her ideals and personality, she just takes on respect and a good following. The last time we talked on the phone, she said her friends have filed for her candidacy for Public Office (Barangay Councilor). I hope she’s not going to do it but it’s up to her!
  8. She celebrated her 50th birthday here in Japan last year.

Thanks NP for the tag! I am tagging:

Rose, you seem to have a very thoughtful mother.

Stephen, I know you don’t want to be tagged and you are probably too busy right now but your quotable quotes about your mother is so hilarious. I would love to hear more nice things about her.

Rico, you probably don’t do this kind’a blog but I’m tagging you anyway. When we were training together, you always have very nice stories about your mother like when your mother donated pillow cases to your school dormitory!

Thryza, best wishes to you on your marriage! I don’t know if you remembered but your mother and I had a telephone conversation once. It was a funny encounter because she really took me off-guard when she asked me if her 21 year old daughter (that’s you) is dating and if I could convince you not to date and not to entertain suitors! I would love to get to know her.

Anna Leah and Liza Melle, my high school friends! I know for a fact that you have the nicest mothers.

Grace, I know you have been tagged for this! I am excited (wink-wink) to read nice things about your mother!

My sister Jessica, I know we have the same mother but I also know you have a bit different or (may I say) challenging relationship with her, so you could probably mention a lot more interesting things about her!

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