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April 20th, 2008

On Love and Life

The meaning of love is beyond words, beyond songs and beyond lust.
Much more can be known in the silence between thoughts.

Through love, all that is bitter will be sweet.

There is no mistake so painful that love cannot forgive.
There is no past so bitter that ove cannot accept and…
no hope left so little that we cannot start all over with.

The only thing greater than the power of the mind
is the courage of the heart.

Let your love be stronger than your hate and anger.
Learn the wisdom of compromise for it is better to bend a little than to break.

A woman of intelligence is admired. A woman of wealth is envied.
A woman of power is feared. But only a woman of substance is loved.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take
but by every moments that take our breath away.

February 14th, 2008

Love Defined, Celebrate Love

Let’s celebrate love! Happy Valentine’ Day!


My recent participation in Heads or Tails: Love has brought out a lot of thoughts on love, from love at first sight in Linda’s post to love as a choice from Dawn’s post.

Love at First Sight
I think there is such a thing as love at first sight, the kind of love that can end up in marriage, if the love survives the roller coaster ride. The problem with love at first sight is that the love doesn’t usually stay after the getting-to-know part. It is, afterall, love just at first sight.

I believe that,

love is a feeling, that really nice feeling
that makes you smile at the thought of the beloved;
should flow naturally, should not be forced.
but love as a feeling, with its highs and lows,
is a roller coaster ride.
so love, should be, must also be a commitment,
a choice, a decision to love even more
when the feeling of love is at low.

It wasn’t love at first sight when I met dear hubby. But it didn’t take long to fall in love with him, and I love him even more when I married him. But our marriage, our love is not perfect. There are highs and lows. At low, remembering our commitment, deciding, choosing to love him so much more really eases the marriage.


Love is such a complicated thing. You have to be a child to see love in its purest, deepest and untainted form. Anna posted these definitions of love as told by children. These are my favorites:

“When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.” -Billy, age 4

This thought on love was simply amazing!

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” – Bobby, Age 7

How deep was that?!

And the story about the most caring boy just breaks my heart:

Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was asked to judge. The purpose of the contest was to find the most caring child… The winner was a four year old child whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman’s yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there. When his Mother asked what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy said, “Nothing, I just helped him cry.”

February 12th, 2008

Seasons of Love

Enjoy a musical treat.

Excerpt from Lyrics:

In 525,600 minutes, how do you measure a year in a life?
In 525,600 moments so dear, how do you measure a year?
In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife

In 525,600 minutes, journeys to plan
How do you measure the life of a woman or a man?
In truth that she learned, Or in times that he cried
In bridges he burned, Or the way that she died

It’s time now to sing out
Though the story never ends
Let’s celebrate,
Remember a year in the life of friends.

Remember the Love, measure in love
You know that love is a gift from up above
Share love, give love, spread love
Measure your life in love, in seasons of love

From the movie Rent(2005), based from the broadway musical. I personally like the movie and I would like to see the musical play. The setting is in Christmas 1989 in New York about the lives of starving artists who are struggling to pay their rent, when all they have are the films they’ve shot, screenplays and music they’ve written. Poverty, addiction and AIDS stricken, they measure their lives in love.

How do we measure life?

In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? In days? Or weeks?
In inches? In miles? In travel miles? In place we’ve been and people from different places we’ve met?
In laughter? In friendships gained and regained? And holidays and shows that made us smile? Or the people we have pleased?
In strife? In bridges burned? In the number of enemies? Or jobs and stresses handled?
In truths learned? In the PhD’s earned? Or the truths learned from raising a child?
In times that he cried? In the number of heartbreak, or deaths?
In the way that she died? How about dying of AIDS, or breast cancer? How about childbirth? Or war?
How about love? In love shared, love given, love spread? In lives touched with love? In the people we love and those who truly love us.

I’ve visited so many entries on Heads or Tails: Love today. It seems like a lot of people are measuring their lives in love, as I try to do myself by focusing not on the opportunities I’ve missed, the PhD’s that I should’ve had, the trips I’ve never travelled or all my past heartaches and pains. My life is about love, the love I have for my family and friends, the motherly unconditional love I have for my child and all the love and care from all those who truly love me.

September 2nd, 2007

Falling In Love in Six Acts

I was digging in my diary and found this one. Not one of my originals! I don’t know who wrote this, I wish I know (to give him/her proper credit). I even forgot where I got this but this is something worth copying and sharing!

Falling In Love in Six Acts

A passion play. Or what happens when you fall down that well of passion over a person, a place, a sport, a game, a belief, and your heart goes boom and your mind leaves town.

Act 1. LUST

I think I love you. Who are you anyway?

Here it is. The big ‘WOW’, the big ‘GEE’, the big ‘YES’ you have been waiting for. This is where you find something or someone and believe they are better, greater, wiser, more wonderful than anything you have ever known.

Lust isn’t a sin. It’s a necessity, for with lust as our guide, we imagine our bodies moving the way bodies were meant to move. We can do marathons with our feet, lift punds with our arms, have stars in our eyes and do a nifty tango.

I have no need for food. I have no need of sleep. I have no need other than occasionally chewing a breath mint. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, probably because you haven’t happened to me yet.


Or: Oh Yipee, you’re mine!

You feel funny inside. You feel funny outside. You feel you could do anything and no one would dare laugh at you.

This love you will treasure and you will not put in the basement next to your rowing machine, treadmill and thermal body sweat wrap. You will not take this love for granted, because that is the biggest sin of all.

I feel so good. I feel so strong. I feel actually attractive and I could learn to live with that feeling. Oh let us sing and dance and eat brown mushy foods low in fat! Oh joy! Oh rapture!
Oh what if I’m not good at this? Oh I am no good at this. I am a dingy speak on the wall of humanity and look how badly pointed that wall is! I am becoming very very afraid.

Act 3. FEAR

Also known as: uh-oh

This is where the doubt begins, where the mind comes back from shopping, yells at the heart, binds and gags it to a nice lounge chair and allows guilt, failure and remembrances of things past to sit in for a nice game of bridge. This is where you fear what you need most. If it’s a person you love, you fear appearing foolish in front of them. If its a sport, you fear appearing foolish in front of many, many people at the game time.

Oh no. What if I’m wrong? What if it stinks? What if my heart has blinders on? It has blinders on before. In fact, it had dark heavy patches taped all over it. How can anyone love me if I don’t love myself? I mean, I love myself. There are just parts between the top of my head and the bottom of my feet that could use some improvements. I’m not demanding myself. I have relatives who do that.


And the strange desire to eat everything in sight, hide in your room, and watch old movies with friends from high school.

Now comes the unavoidable time when you say to anyone who will listen: What the heck am I doing, anyway? If it’s a person you love, first you hate only their foulest inadequacies, then you start hating their good points as weel. If it’s running you love, you start to hate hills, sidewalks, and bad weather, and soon anything that slightly resembles a bump, concrete or a small breeze.

I can’t believe I even said I felt this way. I must have been dreaming! Wait, this is no dream, this is a film nor movie, and one of those really dark ones, too. I mean, this is love? This is what they tell you about when you’re 11 and naive? or 32 and more naive?


Love is hard work. And, sometime, hard work can really hurt.

Love is a game. If they didn’t tell you before, we will tell you now. Love is a game and if you play, you either win, lose, or get ejected before the game is over. There is no ties.

Maybe you’ll lose and learn some great meaningful answer from it all (like if it looks too good to be true, it is). It’s easy to love something when you don’t have to work at it. It’s harder when it asks something of you. You just might be afraid to give. Give it anyway.

The heart is the most resilient muscle. It is also the stupidest. So if this love you’ve found is good to you, hold it, keep it, shout about it. If it isn’t, then maybe you should just become very good friends.


Also known as the big whooperdoodle, or, the most important part of this whole darn thing.

So this is love, as demanding and nourishing and difficult as it can be, and as strong and wise as it has made you become.

There is something to be gained from commitment. There are rewards for staying when you would rather leave. And there is something to be said for running up that hill when you would rather slide down it. And so you let love come perch upon your shulder and you do not turn it away.

You do the tango.

Just do it.

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