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December 28th, 2007

Highlights of 2007

What are the highlights of your 2007?

In March to April, Matthew and I went to the Philippines for a vacation. I had a blast seeing my family again since it has been years since I last went to my hometown. And they really enjoyed meeting Matthew for the first time. He was 7-months old then. Also, my experiences at the airports and the international flights with a 7-month old baby was really eventful and unforgettable!

And of course, Matthew turned 1-year old in August.

Matthew’s 1st Birthday

Vacation Philippines 2007

December 14th, 2007

To Give or Not To Give

What rules or guidelines do you follow in gift giving?

Gift giving has become a time honored Christmas tradition. It is perhaps one of the most enjoyable. However, it is also the most complicated and stressful.

I find that the most elaborate and most extravagant gift items are the most inappropriate to give. So I keep it simple, practical and within reasonable budget.

For someone special like my husband, whom I particularly find so difficult to get a gift for, I think hard to decide the whole year round. Still, by the time I buy the gift, I am still doubtful and undecided. What makes it extra special is the fact that it’s well though of. Also, I try to get him something symbolic.

Also, when receiving gifts, I follow these rules – to have NO expectations and to show genuine appreciation. However, there are just gift items that I will have a hard time showing genuine appreciation for. Gift items that may be practical but seem like you should be getting a hint from – like mouthwash or foot-deodorizer, are definitely items I will never give as a gift.

In my experience of gift giving and receiving, I find that the act of gift giving and receiving, the surprise and unexpectedness in the act should be more than enough gift than the gift itself. It is the thought that counts, really!

December 12th, 2007

Weekend Visitors

I am compelled to re-post this due to Grace’s comment!

Matthew was happy about having visitors in the house. Except for the occasional crying he does when he doesn’t get his way, he wasn’t aloof to new faces but rather he was excited, sociable and playful. He was extra alert! Since it’s just three of us all the time, he is probably just too eager to ‘play’ with other people.

Up: Matthew and Tita Lucelle
Down: Rico, Charlotte, Lucelle and Patrick
Photos Taken December 8, 2007

Friends, thanks for visiting! I hope you had a good time seeing the views! Come again next time!

November 26th, 2007

Random Facts About Me

Instructions: When tagged, you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list, then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

Shiera of Bistak Babbles have tagged me to list Eight Random Facts About me. I took a long time completing the list but it was fun sorting out facts about me that I want to spill out.

  • I like plants. I have a few plants. My husband gave me a plant for Valentine’s Day in 2005. It’s still alive!
  • I don’t swim at all. I never learned to swim eventhough we lived walking distance from the beach.
  • Between movies and books, I prefer movies! I think, in general, best-selling novels turned into movies are good. However, I will not read the book until after I have seen the movie. I don’t want to diminish my movie-watching experience by having read the book and having known the story. But really, I rarely catch up with books anyway. I’d rather watch a movie over and over.
  • I am an Army Brat. My father was in the Philippine Army. We live in a village beside an Army Post. Most of my childhood friends and playmates are from military families.
  • I like to sing! I’ve always wanted to be a band singer.
  • I can’t have a lot of coffee in a day. Coffee has a not-so-pleasant effect on me.
  • I have trouble learning a new language or dialect. I spoke Tagalog at home and English in school. Because I lived in Zamboanga for a long time, I could understand a little Chavacano but I don’t speak it. When I came to Cebu for college, I had to learn Cebuano or Bisaya. After 3 months of living in Cebu, all my 5 roommates who all speak in Cebuano and have never spoken in Tagalog before they met me, already talked and conversed in Tagalog while I had not yet learned Cebuano. Well, I learned Cebuano in time, but I never sounded authentic.* With the Japanese language, let me say – I get by in Japan by avoiding any interaction that will require me to speak the language!
  • I am so addicted to blogging!

Get to know more facts about me, click 99 Things About Me.

I am tagging:

Susette (Take It or Leave It), my most mysterious friend, I am daring you to spill random intimate details about you. 😉

Jessica (Chasing Stars), my dear sister, I think it’s about time to add a new post in your blog.

Lucelle (Ellecul’s Nook), my dear friend and lovely host to my ‘mommy get-away’. I didn’t get to know you as much as I could when I had a chance while we were still working in the same place, (I was busy dating!) so I’m taking this opportunity…

The New Parent: Raising Excellent Kids, I read about your parenting tips but not much about you.

Sher (Everything Moms), my new found blogging friend and Jenna (The World of Jenna), my partner in the Christmas Ornament Exchange. I’d like to get to know you more without going thru your archives if possible. :)

*Background Information: There are over 170 language/dialects in the Phillippines. Each region or province in the Philippines has its own dialect.

November 22nd, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Our Thanksgiving feast is composed of deep fried turkey, stuffing, sourthern greens and pumpkin pie. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving! 

Click to View Our Thanksgiving Photos

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