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Baby Mark Anthony at 3-months {Photo}
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February 28th, 2012

Mark, Life of a Toddler


Mark, almost 2-years old!

Sunday before Valentine’s Day, we had a taste of Mark’s mischief!

Both Matthew and Mark enjoyed a bath early that evening. Mark was still in the tub full of water when I was drying out Matthew with a towel. And then all of a sudden, Mark hit his face on Matthew’s head from jumping off the ledge of the tub. He was so quick!

Matthew cried. He was hurt. I tried to rub his head. And then when I turned to Mark, about to scold him and tell him never to jump off the ledge again, I saw blood dripping off his left nostril! He didn’t even cry! Matthew saw the blood, too, got worried and said “We need to call the doctor.

I grabbed Mark and the towel, tried to wipe the blood off his face. But the blood didn’t stop dripping. I called hubby on the phone, and he told me to pinch his nose to stop the bleeding, which I did.

With my left hand wrapped around him and my right hand pinching his nose to stop the bleeding, he started crying. The only time he cried that time! He struggled to get away from my grip. When the bleeding stopped. I let him loose. He ran off, butt naked, with the mischief grin on his face, like telling me to come and get him. Matthew, with much concern, came after him, “Be careful, Mark. ” … and I just let out a big sigh of relief!

About a few minutes, they are now both dressed, Matthew is still concerned and asked me when the doctor is going to come. I told him Mark is better now, just so he’ll stop worrying about his baby brother Mark.

I continued to observe Mark that night for any changes or anything to be concerned about. And he continued to be the mischievous little toddler that he is!

Mark while playing with the iPhone camera

Mark while playing with the iPhone camera. (Photo taken by Mark on Feb 16, 2012.)

I love it when Mark goes to the closed kitchen door and tries to open. When he couldn’t open the door, he’ll look at me and yell out, “Lock! Key!

I love it when we would go upstairs to his room for bedtime. As soon as he reaches the door, he puts his finger to his lips, “Shhhh! Brother.” like signalling me to be quiet because his big brother is already sleeping. (Mark has a later bedtime than his big brother Matthew on school nights, so usually Matthew is already sleeping on Mark’s bedtime.)

I love it when Mark climbs up the couch, and then in front of me or his Daddy, he stretches his arms wides, and yells “Ta-da!“. Or anytime he does it, when he enters a room, or comes out of hiding, … with arms stetched out, “Ta-da!“.

I love it when Mark knocks on anything, says “Knock! Knock!“, and wouldn’t stop until someone says, “Who’s there?

I hate it when he climbs up to the kitchen counter, and on top of the counter, standing and opening the cabinets. It makes me SO nervous. Also, when he climbs the washer, the dryer, the dresser, …

I hate it when he escapes from the playpen, when he is suppose to be taking a nap.

I hate it when he plays with my iPhone, when the iPhone seems to be the only thing that keeps him quiet and busy, when he has tons of toys to play with but won’t catch his interest!

Mark’s new words these days …

  • wa – water
  • ba – bread or snacks
  • mote – remote (tv remote and game controllers)

And he definitely knows how to use, “wow“.

Mark loves the puddle!

Mark will be 23-months old in a week! He is 1-month shy to being 2 years old, but he’s already there – the terrible twos! Sigh!

Time is fleeting away so fast. My baby is not a baby anymore! Sigh! But I look forward to more of his mischiefs, to the time when he starts talking, and don’t stop talking, to the time when he’s completely potty trained, to more of his growth, independence, to more of his personality coming out, to all the wonderful things of his being just the way he is.

March 28th, 2010

A Baby Story, Part 2

This continues Matthew’s Baby birth story. Read the first part, A Baby Story, Part 1.

So I was under epidural, smiling again but my mother who was there with me in the room was looking all sick and pale after she’s seen the epidural procedure – when my spinal was stuck by a very big needle. I told hubby to watch out on her ’cause I was basically fine already, but she assured me that she’s fine and she just needed to sit for awhile.

So the time for active labor, the time to push, was nearing in when I saw the nurses and the doctor getting busy walking around. All the monitors are also telling us that it was time. I was brought to the position and the coach (nurse) was telling me when to hold my breath for 10 seconds and push as hard as I could like I was doing the biggest bowel movement in my life – her exact words!

But, after 2 hours or so of no success, I was starting to doubt if I was doing it right! I doubted if I was pushing right! The nurse kept telling me not to put force on my feet and all that… but I really couldn’t tell if I was doing it right. I kept asking my mother, who positioned herself on my head area, if I was doing it right, but she’s just told me to just listen to what the nurse is saying.

And hubby just couldn’t stay put. His big teasing smiling face was all over, like he keeps hopping all around the room. While my mother couldn’t move her feet from where she was.

Since I was under epidural, I wasn’t feeling a thing. I wasn’t feeling the contractions, so I thought I wasn’t pushing right because I wasn’t feeling a thing and couldn’t synchronize my ‘pushing’ with the contractions. So I asked them that maybe if we lessen the dosage of the epidural enough to feel the contractions just a little bit, enough to help me with active labor. So they did!

Oh my God, with half dosage of epidural, I started to feel the contractions again, and I was in pain again! But I didn’t want to stop the labor anymore and just get on with it. At that time, I was in serious business, yelling, screaming and cussing with every push! Around my English speaking husband and doctor, my mother scolded me in Tagalog, our dialect, for being too noisy. I remember talking back – ‘Masakit! ‘ (It’s painful!).

I basically have a smooth sailing pregnancy in terms of pain before all that. I didn’t experience morning sickness and there wasn’t any memorable pains during the pregnancy. So I didn’t expect the pain of labor would be that bad!

Then my look was locked on hubby as he was looking down there, and he looked back at me and said ‘Push, don’t stop, the baby is almost out!’. Just then, I felt like big bowling balls chained together being pulled out of me! That was the most painful physical feeling I have ever felt in my entire life. Then I saw baby Matthew. Hubby cut the cord and both of them went to the other side of the room where the baby was being checked and bathe. I was weak with exhaustion, but I managed to keep asking hubby if the baby was alright, and he assured me that the baby is alright taking a bath.

Matthew's Birth Story: Matthew - 7 pounds 9 ounces 49 cms long

Matthew Alexander, Born 7 pounds 9 ounces 49 cms long on August 14, 2006 at 10:42 p.m. at Yokota Airbase Hospital, Japan

Matthew's Birth Story: Matthew and Mommy

Matthew and Mommy

Matthew's Birth Story: Matthew and Daddy

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew's Birth Story: Matthew and Grandma (Photo taken August 14, 2006)

Matthew and Grandma

At 10:42 p.m., after almost a whole day of labor, Matthew was born 7 pounds 9 ounces 49 cms long.

Later on, I found out that I had 2 cuts (episiotomy) and that Vacuum Extractor was used to help pull the baby out. And that after the delivery, while the baby was being taken cared for, I was being stitched. Hubby mentioned that when the baby came out, his little head was funny looking cone shape (that is because of the Vacuum Extractor).

I couldn’t described how I felt when finally the baby was given to me to be held. He was so tiny, wrapped around by garments with his little face showing and his eyes were swollen. He’s so perfect. And then he started to cry, and I panicked. I didn’t know what to do with my own crying baby. I looked at my mother to somehow get a clue as to what to do. My mother just laughed at me, and then I started to feel delighted by the baby cry. Oh my God, it’s just indescribable. The first kiss Matthew got, hubby beat me to it! We took turns taking photos with him.

It was pass 2:00 a.m., when we finally settled in. We transferred to the recovery room, and I was encouraged to walk but I passed out. I think I passed out ’cause I have no recollection as to how exactly we were able to transfer to the recovery room. I woke up the next day, painful all over but delighted by the sight of my baby in the bassinet in the same room with me.

Matthew at 3.5-Years Old

Matthew at 3.5-Years Old

It took us 2 year of trying so hard to conceive him… well, I did – tried so hard to conceive him and hubby was just happy to comply. Matthew will be 4-years old in a few months. He’s an active little man, couldn’t stay put, always smiling, loves to learn, and so ready to be a big brother. We are so proud of him!

February 17th, 2010

Been Sick But Still Blogging

I’ve often heard that it’s quite normal when nose bleeding happens. I’ve never really thought about it until Matthew’s nose was bleeding early this morning. I was alarmed, worried, …

We had been under the weather for a few days now. I’ve lost my voice since Valentines Day, but I’ve so far recovered a little bit… getting there. On the other hand, Matthew seems to be following along. He’s had stuffy nose and couching. And then, this morning was the first time that Matthew had a nose bleeding incident. For the past nights, he keeps waking up in the middle of the night, crying because of nasal congestion and probably some soreness. He hasn’t learned how to effectively blow his nose so, all we could ask him to do is drink water and keep his head up. Then he falls right back to sleep only to wake up again in an hour or so. Medicine drops can only work so far.

Last night, I’ve decided that the two of us to sleep in the living room so that hubby can get his much needed sleep – so he doesn’t have to wake up with us when we had to get up. Very early this morning, Matthew woke up to his bad spells again, but that time was much more alarming when I saw blood dripping from his nose. I’ve often heard the nose bleeding is normal and I’ve taken it as that, until I saw my own child’s nose bleeding for the first time. It doesn’t feel normal … all I was trying to think is if he had injured his head or something, or if this is a symptom of something bad, worse than the cough and colds he has. Hubby was already up, getting ready for work, so I called him out. He said it’s normal, and it’s probably caused by dry air. I read more about nosebleeds. I am relieved by the information I got that there really is no cause for alarm since the nosebleeding didn’t persist so far.

Daytimes are pretty much easier, except today, Matthew has pink eyes (sore eyes). Hubby and I had mild pink eyes, aside from the cough and colds. Hubby got it first and then me. We thought we had it pretty much under control, got some eye drops and my hands had become so dry for constantly washing my hands. Mine is healing now. And then Matthew got it too. He looks droppy with swollen eyes and he can’t keep his hands off his eyes! So he has stuffy nose, now he’s got stuffy eyes! His will take longer to heal. Sigh!

As of this writing Matthew is taking a nap. I’ve had him drinking lots of fluid and resting, just watching Mickey Mouse the whole morning. He is not really his energetic self. I hope we get better soon.

February 15th, 2010

Valentine’s Day and a Discovery

Lately we had been sick – sore throat, runny stuffy nose, coughing, mild fever, and other symptoms – all three of us. The nights had been difficult as each one of us has to get up in the middle of the just to relieve ourselves from our symptoms – getting up, drinking water, …

With difficult nights, morning is more difficult including morning of Valentines Day. I stayed late in bed, even when Matthew was up and about. I just turned on the TV and had him watching Disney Channel for those early Disney Shows, while I extend to snuggle in bed. Hubby has been up and about from very early morning. Poor Daddy, even when sick has to attend to his cadets. What made me get up is Matthew telling me he’s hungry for bread.

When he headed downstairs, we were delighted by the display of red stuffs in the living room – the cards, candies and chocolate (Thanks to hubby for all these Valentine thoughtfulness.) They’re supposedly from hubby and Matthew for ME, but Matthew got so excited with the candies and chocolates, that as soon as he has seen them – he is not hungry for bread anymore. This time he is hungry for candies.

Valentine 2010, Matthew at 3-years old. Photo taken on Feb.14, 2010

Valentine 2010, Matthew at 3-years old. Photo taken on Feb.14, 2010

Anyway, the rest of the day went on, with hubby coming and going and still sick. And we just stayed indoors watching movies, etc…

Matthew at 16-months old, showing off his Filipino spot. Photo taken on Jan 9, 2008

Matthew at 16-months old, showing off his Filipino spot. Photo taken on Jan 9, 2008

After dinner, I let Matthew pick a chocolate cookie. He only picks and eats the chocolates in the cookies, so you can imagine the mess he makes to himself when he is done. With cookie crumbs and chocolate crumbs all over himself, I took him to the bathroom to clean him up. I took off his shirt, wiped him up and dust off crumbs off his shorts as well. While doing so, he was looking at himself in the mirror, and then, pointing to his shoulders, he told me “Mommy, chocolate!”. I thought I’ve missed some chocolates stuff so I wiped him again, but he kept telling the same thing. Then I realized that he was pointing to his own mole at his back just below the shoulder.

For the first time, he discovered the big mole at this back, which he thought was chocolate. Hubby calls this his Filipino spot, since it’s the only Filipino colored spot in his white skin.

February 11th, 2010

Pregnancy Update, Week 30

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

From this point forward, I’d be seeing the OB every 2 weeks. I saw him yesterday. I found out, after much worrying, that I do not have gestational diabetes. I still have to eat right, keep myself hydrated and all that, but i’m just happy i don’t need to follow a portioned diet or worse, have insulin shots, as what’s needed for someone with gestational diabetes.

The baby has good heartbeat and all measurements are great. However, with this pregnancy I had been experiencing contractions on irregular basis (Bracton Hicks). My belly gets too stiff and painful at times that I have a hard time moving. Shifting positions at night means actually waking up and struggling to move, and catching my breath at the struggle. I get cramps in my legs as well.

Hubby and I can’t help but compare this with my previous pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Matthew, I was really active. We were in Japan, and my sister and brother visited us from the Philippines. We brought them to places for sightseeing and more and I never ever felt that I was taken aback by pregnancy.

But this time, I get too tired easily and it seems like whatever I do causes contractions. Plus the baby’s movement has become more and more vigorous. When I told my OB about this, he told me that usually subsequent pregnancies will be harder because the uterus has become more sensitive and stronger from the previous pregnancy. For short, “Shut up, You are pregnant for crying out loud. You are suppose to feel this way.” He didn’t exactly say that, but my previous OB did. When I was pregnant with Matthew, I complained about pricking discomfort in my left side. My OB then shushed me with those exact words. And to think, now I feel that pregnancy, even with gestational diabetes, was a breeze compared to this one.

With all my pains and discomfort, I can’t wait when this pregnancy is over. I have more or less 10 weeks to go. So far, Matthew had been feeling impatient as well for the coming of his baby brother. At one time, he came up to me with a can opener in his hand, attempted to raise my shirt and said “Baby brother wants to come out now.” Although, our can opener is not sharp or pointy, and it is relatively safe for Matthew to be holding around, with what he tried to do, I have to hide it from him now. Where does he get these ideas?

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