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November 8th, 2007

My Smart Baby

Lately my 15 months old baby, Matthew, has been showcasing some smarts. I can’t ignore anymore his developments to the intelligent side. I am so – a proud Mommy!

  • He picks up his folded dirty diaper, then he rushes to place them to the dirty diaper pail.
  • He picks up his toys and drops them in his playpen.
  • He turns off the TV by pressing on the power button (which is his hobby I try so hard to break).
  • He opens and closes DVD player by pressing the eject button. (Another hobby I try to break)
  • He finds ways to reach high areas by opening drawers, climbing inside the opened drawers then standing up thus reaching the high areas.
  • He now can climb out of his crib.
  • Last night, he said ‘Cra-ka’ while pointing to a box of crackers we give him for snacks. He wanted some crackers!
October 26th, 2007

Peanut and Halloween

Matthew (1), Taken at Yokota Airbase on Oct 24, 2007.

We recently went to a Kid’s Halloween Party! Last year Matthew was still too small at 3-months old to attend a Halloween Party so this year is his first! 

We got him a Peanut costume. It’s perfect for him! He is after all nicknamed Peanut by his Daddy when he was still inside me. He didn’t have a problem wearing the costume and may I say, he looked so cute on it!

There were other kids in a variety of costumes at the party but Matthew didn’t really care for them. I was more excited for him to be there. It was afterall my first time too. He couldn’t even stay put for a nice picture taking with other kids.  He was more into running around and playing at the automatic door, which he finds really fascinating. The door opens automatically whenever he comes near it and his face just gleams with a big smile as it opens. Who knows that after all the fuss of getting him a costume, putting it on him and having him be around other kids in colorful costumes, he will be engrossed with the automatic door? I can’t really predict what will please him but I am just glad that during the few hours we were there, he didn’t cry or fuss a bit! He had fun and my husband and I had fun just watching him having fun.

October 25th, 2007

Playground Adventures

All photos depict my little Matthew’s playground adventures, taken at Yokota Airbase from Sept-Oct 2007. Click this link to view enlarged photos.

October 18th, 2007

I Love Autumn

I love Autumn! I love the coolness, the colors and the gloomy feel in the air. It’s almost poetic. Last autumn was extra special to me! It was my baby Matthew’s First Autumn! I have so many pictures taken but this is my favorite – my husband Michael carrying Matthew, who is almost 4 months old that time.

Baby and Daddy, Autumn 2006
Photo taken on December 2, 2006, Tokyo Japan

August 26th, 2007

Friendship Festival

Friendship Festival is an annual event here at Yokota Airbase. The gate is open for Japanese and non-residents of the airbase. This year it’s being held on Aug 25-26, 2007, usually on the hottest days of summer in Tokyo at the Flight Line.

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Click to view more photos

We joined in the festivities late afternoon, when it wasn’t too sunny anymore. It was windy, not too hot – perfect for strolling the expanse of the flight line. Although he was sleepy at first, Matthew had a wonderful time walking on his new shoes (Yes! he can walk with shoes on now.) He enjoyed the crowd and had gotten a few japanese admirers. I sampled some yakisoba, and my husband Michael had some beer. It was all in all a fun day!

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