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July 10th, 2010

Online in Florida

I hear there’s a heat wave going on this summer. Friends and family all over are complaining about the 100ish-degrees-F summer heat. Thank goodness, we are here in my in-laws house with a working airconditioner. Our home in Alabama has a malfunctioning AC. It’s in a on-again-off-again condition, eventhough it’s brand new and newly installed. So the day before we left for our trip to Florida, our AC was off! So with all the packing and moving about to get our stuffs to the car, the house became so hot, it’s hotter inside than outside!

So we are here in Florida! Our trip went well – shorter than our trip to Delaware. I spent half the trip at the backseat with the babies. This time the babies and me, all three of us, can now fit in at the backseat. We took out the big carseat that Matthew was using. He has been promoted to use the less space-consuming ‘Big Kid Booster Seat’.

We have just been relaxing here in Florida. But since we arrived here in Florida, Baby Mark has been more cranky and irritable than usual … must be heat! Or must be that he turned 3-months old, that he decided he needs more attention than usual.

We have a few plans laid out. We will be visiting some relatives to have them meet Baby Mark for the first time.

We also plan on taking Matthew to Disney World for the first time. Disney World should be exciting for him since he now knows Mickey Mouse and the other Disney characters. Baby Mark will just have to stay home with Grandma when we go to Disney World, so he won’t be baked in the sun!

Also we will be attending hubby’s high school reunion. This should be fun. Hubby have been looking forward to this since he missed the reunion they had five years ago.

August 7th, 2008

Alabama Bound But Back in Florida

Since we came back to Florida from our Michigan-Delaware vacation, we had been so busy! I mentioned that we were preparing to travel again and we did! But first we bought a new car, new celfons and a navigation system.

Photo taken on July 28, 2008

Photo taken on July 28, 2008

Dear hubby is so pleased with his black Saturn Vue that took him to his new job at a military boarding school in Alabama. With the new car, dear hubby drove from Florida to Alabama, while Mom-IL, Matthew and I followed him in my Mom-IL’s car. We arrived Alabama on Sunday and got a nice view of his place of work and the place we are going to live in. The apartment is obviously small, with only 1-bedroom, a living area, a kitchen and garage. We will be cramped in a place built for a single person,  but it’s rent and utilities free including cable! And more than that, dear hubby doesn’t need to drive to work since the apartment is within the school campus! I thought it’s a good starting point.

Photo taken on August 4, 2008

Matthew at the School Ground
Photo taken on August 4, 2008

Last Monday, it was dear hubby’s first day at work. On the same day, MomIL, Matthew and I cruised around the area. We found 2 big cities, Opelika and Auburn, just about 20 miles away. We also found probably the biggest University I have ever seen – Auburn University! We took our time exploring Opelika-Auburn area to seek out shopping possibilities, which didn’t come thin, and a few camping sites and attractions.

I have prepared myself that we will be living in the middle of nowhere since
the military school is located in a rural area. However I am so pleased that the nearby cities are well developed and packed. Auburn area is even the highest ranking metro in the State of Alabama.

We are definitely Alabama bound but Matthew and I came back in Florida. We arrived earlier today. Of course, dear hubby had to stay in Alabama. Our household stuffs and furnitures have not arrived Alabama yet, so we decided that Matthew and I would come back here in Florida. We’ll wait in Florida for our stuffs to arrive. And then, we’ll travel back to Alabama.

In the meantime, I will be busy preparing for Matthew’s birthday. He’s turning 2-years old on August 14.

July 28th, 2008

Back in Florida

After three weeks of our continued vacation – to Michigan and Delaware, we are back in Florida.

We went to Michigan and spent less than two weeks there. Then last Tuesday (22 July), we went to Delaware to visit dear hubby’s sister Sheila and her family. (They had not seen each other for 18 years.) Last Saturday morning, our vacation has come to near end. We started our long drive back to Florida, passing by Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia. We did stop at KOA Campground in Florence, South Carolina and spent Saturday night there.

We had so much fun both in Michigan and in Delaware (which I will be blogging about in my next posts).

Heavy rains and a few lightnings welcomed us in Florida, but we are quite relieved that we have arrived home safely from almost 2-days of road travel from Delaware.

The next days we will be busy, cleaning up … and preparing for our next travel. *wink, wink, V(-_*)V

July 13th, 2008

From Florida to Michigan

First day in the RV. Photo taken on 5 Jul 2008. Click photo to enlarge photo.

First day in the RVPhoto taken on 5 Jul 2008

At a rest stop in Georgia.Photo taken on 5 Jul 2008. Click photo to enlarge photo.

At a rest stop in GeorgiaPhoto taken on 5 Jul 2008

KOA Kampground, Georgia. Photo taken on 5 Jul 2008. Click photo to enlarge photo.

KOA Kampground, GeorgiaPhoto taken on 5 Jul 2008

Kentucky Artisan Center. Photo taken on 6 Jul 2008. Click photo to enlarge photo.

Kentucky Artisan CenterPhoto taken on 6 Jul 2008

Kentucky Artisan Center. Photo taken on 6 Jul 2008. Click photo to enlarge photo.

Kentucky Artisan CenterPhoto taken on 6 Jul 2008

At the Cabela's. Photo taken on 7 Jul 2008. Click photo to enlarge photo.

At the Cabela

Our vacation continues…

We have always planned to go to Michigan. Michigan is dear hubby’s birthplace. His grandmother and most relatives are still in Michigan. So last Saturday (5 Jul), our long trip to Michigan began.

It’s so convenient that my in-laws own an RV. On Saturday (5Jul), with the RV, we started the long drive interstate from Florida to Michigan. We passed by Georgia, Kentuchy, Tenesee and Ohio to get to Michigan. We enjoyed the sights so comfortably. Except for a few traffic jams and RV breakdown, the drive was smooth. There was no unnecessary stops since the RV is equipped with a refrigirator and microwave oven for food and refreshments; a spacious bed for resting and a private room for added comfort.

On the first night, we stopped by KOA Kampground in Georgia. It’s for rest for the drivers (Dad-IL and Hubby) and recreation for the rest of us, Mom-IL and me and Matthew especially. At the campground, we enjoyed the playground and a quiet night with other campers, who were celebrating 4th of July weekend.

By the next day (Sunday, 6 Jul), the drive continued. We stopped by Kentucky Artisan Center where we saw a really nice view of Kentucky at a hilltop. At the Kentucky Artisan Center, we browsed through a lot of crafts and products made by local artists. We also stopped by Ohio. By very late evening, we were already in Michigan but still too far from our destination. Our first stop in Michigan is at Cabela’s. At the RV rest stop, we spent the night!

On Monday (7 Jul), our vacation continued from Florida to Michigan.

I’ve never heard of Cabela’s, but it’s supposed to be a really famous outfitter shop. Dad-IL loves outdoor recreation like camping, hunting, fishing and golf, so this must be his favorite store. He did browsed through a lot of stuffs and he literally got lost in the stuffs. Mom-IL browsed through the very few outdoor outfits. Hubby enjoyed looking at the guns and knives, while I enjoyed looking at the displays of stuffed dead animals, looking at the aquarium and taking photo’s all over. (I know, I’m such a tourist!) And Matthew, except for a few tantrum episodes, he was relatively behaved tagging along.

Later on, we went to Frankenmuth, Michigan’s Little Bavaria. It’s one of Michigan’s tourist spot famous for its Bavarian(German)-themed shops and attractions. It has so many attractions including the big Christmas shop. We stayed in Frankenmuth for three days before going to West Branch to dear hubby’s Grandma Maxine.

Kissing a Frog. Click photo to enlarge. Kissing a King. Click photo to enlarge.

At the Cabela’s, I kissed a frog
and it turned into a prince King.
Photos taken on 7 Jul 2008

July 12th, 2008

Fun in Florida

Matthew and Grandma Sally. Click photo to enlarge.

Matthew and Grandma Sally
Photo taken on 21 Jun 2008

Matthew and Grandpa Leonard. Click photo to enlarge.

Matthew and Grandpa Leonard
Photo taken on 21 Jun 2008

Lawn Mower Men. Click photo to enlarge.

Lawn Mower Men, Daddy and Matthew
Photo taken on 23 Jun 2008

Mowing the lawn.In Japan, We lived in an apartment building in the 2nd floor. So we didn’t have a lawn. It has been a really long time since dear hubby mowed a lawn! And Matthew really enjoyed the ride …

Walking Gus. Click photo to enlarge.

Walking Gus
Photo taken on 25 Jun 2008

Walking Gus. Gus is my in-laws beloved pet dog. Also, living at an apartment building restricts us from having a pet and other reasons :). Matthew enjoys the walks with Gus and even volunteers to hold his leash.

Mary Hollad Park. Click photo to enlarge.

Mary Hollad Park.
Photo taken on 25 Jun 2008

Fun in Mary Holland Park. Matthew can’t resist the swing and walking by the pond.
Airboating. Click photo to enlarge.

Mr. Buck, Charlotte and Dad-IL Leonard
Photo taken on 28 June 2008

Airboating. Click photo to enlarge.

Dad-IL Leonard, Mr. Buck and Michael
Photo taken on 28 June 2008

Matthew with Mr. Buck and Ms. Vi. Click photo to enlarge.

Matthew with Mr. Buck and Ms. Vi
Photo taken on 28 June 2008

Airboating. My in-laws are blessed with very nice friends who also treated us as family. Mr. Buck and Ms. Vi welcomed us into their home. Mr. Buck even gave us a wonderful tour in his airboat to a nearby lake to see some alligators. We saw a few but the alligators were too small or too quick for picture taking.

Click here to view more photos.

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