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September 15th, 2010

My September Boy, The Questions

Hubby’s birthday is a few days away! I’m still thinking what to get for him. It’s so hard to think of what to give him for whatever occasion. I always struggle with this. He has never shown any complaints about those I get for him. But he usually tells me what he wants anyway. This time for his birthday, though, he doesn’t have a clue what he wants.

Anyway, on his birthday, I plan on featuring him in this blog. I don’t always blog about him, or maybe I do but not that much. So I thought I let you, my friends and readers, ask him some questions, and then on the days around his birthday, I will post his answer.

September Boy

September Boy

The questions could be any topic at all – about himself, about us, about his opinion on whatever issues, any topic at all. Just ask. He said he’ll answer. Well, we’ll see. Just drop your questions at the comment section.

Little tidbits about him:

  • Married to me for almost 7 years now. We have 2 boys – Matthew and Baby Mark.
  • In line with his 21 years in the US Army, he has been to Haiti, Kuwait, Korea, Japan, and more. But never been to the Philippines. He retired in 2008.
  • He now works as a Tactical Office at a military school, and he still wears his Army uniform for work.
  • Doesn’t watch any sports except if the game is held in the military school he works for.
  • We attended his 25th Year High School Reunion this summer. He had a blast!
  • He is a movie enthusiasts. He’s pride and joy, aside from me and the boys, of course, is his DVD/Bluray collection of movies. I lost count at 2000.
  • Loves History Channel and Science Channel.


Updated September 17, 2010: I posted this in Facebook, and got these interesting questions so far:

  • What was the first word he thought of when he first saw you?
  • Does he snore?
  • Does he read your blog? What does he think of it?
  • Does he wish for a baby girl in the future?
  • What is the height difference of Mike and Charlotte? Doesn’t it pose a bit of a problem when…..he kisses you?
  • Does he ever grow his beard again and for what purpose?
  • What are his top 5 priorities in life? Do he consciously make an effort to live by it in proper order?
  • What else does he plan to achieve (family, career, etc) in life?
  • What does he think of Charm (me) as a wife? as a mother? What does he think of himself as a husband? as a father?
  • What does he love the most about Charm (me)? What does he love the least about her?
  • What erases his headache after a hard day’s work?
  • Does culture difference/s ever strike your marriage? What is (or are) it about the Filipinos vs the Americans that bothered (bothers) him?
August 15th, 2010

Matthew’s 4th Birthday

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, Danielle and Rachel, Aunt Jessica, and to all the well wishers.

Matthew's 4th Birthday

Blow the candle. When he woke up on his birthday, we greeted and hugged him "Happy Birthday". After which he looked around and asked "Where are my presents?"

Matthew's 4th Birthday

Still Daddy's Boy!

Matthew's 4th Birthday

The Birthday Cake. (I baked this 2-layers chocolate cake with too much frosting and lots of colorful candy and chocolate sprinkles. So proud of how this cake turned out!)

March 3rd, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me, Celebration

The weather did not permit grilled baby back ribs, unfortunately! It has been raining. At least it didn’t snow. But we placed the ribs in the oven, and had some roasted ribs instead with corn-on-a-cob! Yummy! We haven’t even touched the cake because we were so full…

Hubby did everything, from cooking to washing the dishes! And, he got me a really nice plant. I had to tell him not to go overboard when I told him I wanted a plant on my birthday. He does that – go overboard! When he and Matthew was out to get me that plant, I had to remind him again. In my imagination, he was going to get me a tree, and I will be really problematic if he did get me a tree.

It was a great day of lounging in the couch, watching movies, taking naps. Unfortunately, the nap time only goes for me and hubby alternately. Matthew didn’t nap at all, which is always bad during hubby’s day-off especially on my birthday, when we are looking forward to a nice hubby-and-me time. Sigh.

The day ended well, with me telling Matthew that we will continue mommy’s birthday the next day to eat the cake.

Celebrating my 32nd Birthday with family. All photos are taken on March 2, 2010. Click photo to enlarge the photo.

It’s not a maternity dress I’m wearing, but it’s a more forgiving dress for someone like me with a 33-weeks bulge in the belly.

Celebrating my birthday with family. (Me, pregnant at 33-weeks) Photo taken on March 2, 2010 Celebrating my birthday with Family. (Me, pregnant at 33-weeks) Photo taken on March 2, 2010
Celebrating my birthday with Family. (Me, pregnant at 33-weeks) Photo taken on March 2, 2010 Celebrating my birthday with Family. (Me, pregnant at 33-weeks) Photo taken on March 2, 2010
March 2nd, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday, I look forward to just spending time with my family, to just lounge in the couch. I’m glad hubby’s day off coincides with my birthday, so if the weather permits, he can grill some baby back ribs for me!

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a lot of thoughtful birthday greetings from friends in Facebook. I really appreciate the advance greetings! And I appreciate more what mostly got them to greet me. My sister wrote a very nice tribute for me in Facebook. I got teary-eyed upon reading it, and made me miss her a lot. To top it off, she had to post a very nice photo of us together. What she wrote definitely made my birthday extra-special this year.

My sister and I are just 2-years apart and we have shared so many interesting experiences together. She’s actually the one of my blog influences. Growing up together, she’s more than a sister and a roommate, she’s my best friend.

Get to know her more: Blog Influences, Sisters and Best Friends, Hazy Drift and Chasing Stars

Here’s what she wrote:

I have been thinking about writing about my sister. Our memories together were mostly spent 10 years back.

In kindergarten, my sister got the award for the Highest Honor. in grade school and high school,she was consistently top 3 in her batch (a batch that has an average of 150 students). In college, she was a scholar of DOST (Department of Science in Technology). This scholarship is granted to outstanding students all through out the country. She finished Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and after that worked in Japan for Epson as a Software Engineer. My sister is very good in painting, singing, writing and cooking. she is a positive thinker, you will never hear any bad words come out of her mouth. She is very timid and proper. She thinks before she speaks. She would cry if she is hurt or angry but will never condemn you for making her feel that way. She is very forgiving and understanding. My sister just like my mom, has a very long patience but when it explodes, you might not want to be there. From what I can remember so far, I was the only one who dared to see that side of them, but of course they forgave me afterwards (hehe).

My sister Jessica at age-5 and me at age-7. Photo taken on March 1985.

My sister Jessica at age-5 and me at age-7. Photo taken on March 1985.

I remember when we were young, I used to fight with her because I had to wash the dishes all the time. When I wash the dishes at lunch, she would be the one to wash it at dinner and vice versa. My sister is very smart, when I wash the dishes at lunch, she would empty all the big bowls and refrigerate or preserve the remaining food and then tell me to wash everything, including the ‘kaldero’. but when she is the one washing the dishes at lunch, since I am not that keen, of course leftovers are not transferred to ‘tupperwares’ and at night when it is my turn, I get to wash everything still. This had been going on from the time i learned to wash the dishes until I went to college which is pobably 10 years. the good thing about it though is that, I learned to love the job. My sister learned to cook very well, and since she is smarter, i end up buying the ingredients that she needs from the store which is a few blocks from our house.

When I had an assignment in grade school, my sister will teach me how to do it but will never do it herself, even if I bully her into doing it or make her feel guilty(which works most of the time, haha!)….

The last unforgettable memory I had with my sister was when I just turned 18. I had a boyfriend then, my first love who was 7 years my senior. He was notorious with girls and is a good friend of my sister also. This guy had been our friend since I was 12, we hang out a lot and fortunately/ unfortunately, my sister knows his ways. Since I am an expert in choosing the wrong men(unintentionally, even if at first they seem nice), this guy became my boyfriend. One night, we went out on a date. we went on the beach and it was ‘oh-so-romantic’, since i was in love, i was so into the moment and thought that everything was just perfect, until my sister from out of nowhere came out storming and wants me to go home. I was so angry, my anger lasted for more than a month. i made my sister cry. i told her countless times that she ruined everything. Now though, when I look back, I just laugh. Now I am thankful, I realized that she was just protecting me. I am thankful because I did not end up with that guy, haha! It turns out that big sister still knows best.

My sister has her own family now. She has a very beautiful son and in a few months is going to bear her second son. She has a very wacky and faithful husband(so I’ve heard) who loves her dearly (coming of course from kuya mike himself). They live a simple content peaceful life and I know my sister is very happy and is deserving of it.

If there was one person(other than my mother and brother) who I trust with all my heart and who I know will accept me completely, it would be my sister.

Manang, I love you. Although, i’ve hurt you countless times and had been mean sometimes(unconciously), I am just here. I know you almost have everything that you need,but if you want to laugh more or if you just need someone to talk to and make your life a bit stressful(hehe),you always have me. I may be a pain sometimes but I love you dearly!

September 30th, 2009

Hubby Turns a Year Older, Celebration

Photo taken on Sept 29, 2009

Photo taken on Sept 29, 2009

We had a ‘cookie cake’ for Hubby’s birthday with candles strategically not showing hubby’s age! :) Matthew dutifully blew daddy’s birthday candles.

Photo taken on Sept 29, 2009

Photo taken on Sept 29, 2009
Daddy and matthew, with me and baby in the photo.

Can you tell I’m three months pregnant? 😉 I can still fit in my skinny jeans but I have to unbutton and unzip when i’m sitting down.

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