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March 2nd, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday, I look forward to just spending time with my family, to just lounge in the couch. I’m glad hubby’s day off coincides with my birthday, so if the weather permits, he can grill some baby back ribs for me!

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a lot of thoughtful birthday greetings from friends in Facebook. I really appreciate the advance greetings! And I appreciate more what mostly got them to greet me. My sister wrote a very nice tribute for me in Facebook. I got teary-eyed upon reading it, and made me miss her a lot. To top it off, she had to post a very nice photo of us together. What she wrote definitely made my birthday extra-special this year.

My sister and I are just 2-years apart and we have shared so many interesting experiences together. She’s actually the one of my blog influences. Growing up together, she’s more than a sister and a roommate, she’s my best friend.

Get to know her more: Blog Influences, Sisters and Best Friends, Hazy Drift and Chasing Stars

Here’s what she wrote:

I have been thinking about writing about my sister. Our memories together were mostly spent 10 years back.

In kindergarten, my sister got the award for the Highest Honor. in grade school and high school,she was consistently top 3 in her batch (a batch that has an average of 150 students). In college, she was a scholar of DOST (Department of Science in Technology). This scholarship is granted to outstanding students all through out the country. She finished Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and after that worked in Japan for Epson as a Software Engineer. My sister is very good in painting, singing, writing and cooking. she is a positive thinker, you will never hear any bad words come out of her mouth. She is very timid and proper. She thinks before she speaks. She would cry if she is hurt or angry but will never condemn you for making her feel that way. She is very forgiving and understanding. My sister just like my mom, has a very long patience but when it explodes, you might not want to be there. From what I can remember so far, I was the only one who dared to see that side of them, but of course they forgave me afterwards (hehe).

My sister Jessica at age-5 and me at age-7. Photo taken on March 1985.

My sister Jessica at age-5 and me at age-7. Photo taken on March 1985.

I remember when we were young, I used to fight with her because I had to wash the dishes all the time. When I wash the dishes at lunch, she would be the one to wash it at dinner and vice versa. My sister is very smart, when I wash the dishes at lunch, she would empty all the big bowls and refrigerate or preserve the remaining food and then tell me to wash everything, including the ‘kaldero’. but when she is the one washing the dishes at lunch, since I am not that keen, of course leftovers are not transferred to ‘tupperwares’ and at night when it is my turn, I get to wash everything still. This had been going on from the time i learned to wash the dishes until I went to college which is pobably 10 years. the good thing about it though is that, I learned to love the job. My sister learned to cook very well, and since she is smarter, i end up buying the ingredients that she needs from the store which is a few blocks from our house.

When I had an assignment in grade school, my sister will teach me how to do it but will never do it herself, even if I bully her into doing it or make her feel guilty(which works most of the time, haha!)….

The last unforgettable memory I had with my sister was when I just turned 18. I had a boyfriend then, my first love who was 7 years my senior. He was notorious with girls and is a good friend of my sister also. This guy had been our friend since I was 12, we hang out a lot and fortunately/ unfortunately, my sister knows his ways. Since I am an expert in choosing the wrong men(unintentionally, even if at first they seem nice), this guy became my boyfriend. One night, we went out on a date. we went on the beach and it was ‘oh-so-romantic’, since i was in love, i was so into the moment and thought that everything was just perfect, until my sister from out of nowhere came out storming and wants me to go home. I was so angry, my anger lasted for more than a month. i made my sister cry. i told her countless times that she ruined everything. Now though, when I look back, I just laugh. Now I am thankful, I realized that she was just protecting me. I am thankful because I did not end up with that guy, haha! It turns out that big sister still knows best.

My sister has her own family now. She has a very beautiful son and in a few months is going to bear her second son. She has a very wacky and faithful husband(so I’ve heard) who loves her dearly (coming of course from kuya mike himself). They live a simple content peaceful life and I know my sister is very happy and is deserving of it.

If there was one person(other than my mother and brother) who I trust with all my heart and who I know will accept me completely, it would be my sister.

Manang, I love you. Although, i’ve hurt you countless times and had been mean sometimes(unconciously), I am just here. I know you almost have everything that you need,but if you want to laugh more or if you just need someone to talk to and make your life a bit stressful(hehe),you always have me. I may be a pain sometimes but I love you dearly!

October 5th, 2008

Birthday Boy Celebrates

All photos are taken on September 29, 2008. Click the photo to enlarge the photo.

So dear hubby just had his birthday this week.

I sort-of made his birthday cake. I have not really baked a cake before so this is the first. I am kind-a oven-challenged. I made cookies way back. They turned out edible but they didn’t look right and the cookies were really hard. So I’m not too excited about baking. However, with the help of Lori and Rachel, and Betty Crocker cake mix and ready made frosting, the birthday cake came out nice and really tasty. With a few decorations, also courtesy of Lori and Rachel, the cake turned out even special.

The bakers: Charlotte and Rachel. Photo taken on Sept 29, 2008.

The bakers: Charlotte and Rachel.

The Birthday Cake. Photo taken on Sept 29, 2008.

The Birthday Cake

For candles, I was looking for number 4 but all I can find are a number-2 candle from Matthew’s birthday and letter-candles that spelled ‘MERRY XMAS’. And I thought, the letter candles were perfect! I think, for dear hubby, it has come to a point when birthdays are not about the age anymore but the celebration of the person and his life. The number candle would be insignificant, so I used the letter candles and spelled a description of the man I married :) From the letters from ‘MERRY XMAS’, guess what I came up with. And of course, hubby is more than amused by this as I am.Since dear hubby worked late that day, we had our little celebration at late night. He let Matthew do all the work from blowing his candles (more like drooling on the cake) and opening his gifts. Dear hubby was just so delighted watching Matthew. He thinks Matthew will have an even more enjoyable time this coming Christmas with the gifts.

All photos are taken on September 29, 2008. Click the photo to enlarge the photo.

Birthday Cake, Papi turning to age 'SEXY'. Photo taken on Sept 29, 2008.

Birthday Cake, Papi turning to age 'SEXY'

Matthew blowing the candles (more like drooling on the cake). Photo taken on Sept 29, 2008.

Matthew blowing the candles (more like drooling on the cake).

Father and Son having a blast opening the gifts. Photo taken on Sept 29, 2008.

Father and Son having a blast opening the gifts.

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday. Photo taken on Sept 29, 2008.

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday.

August 14th, 2008

Matthew Turns 2-Years Old

April 4th, 2008

Sisters and Best Friends

Happy Birthday Jessica

Photo: Jessica, taken on May 22, 2006
Inset Photo: Matthew at 7 months, Jessica and Charlotte, taken on March 25, 2007

Fun Facts about my sister Jessica:

  • She was born today a few years back. It was on a Good Friday.
  • She had a problematic birth certificate. It didn’t say that she’s a girl.
  • So far, the only one in the family, who has been left by a plane.
  • Expert in dishwashing…
  • She reads the nutritional label before eating anything, but really – she eats anything. *Updated on April 7: She says she hasn’t eaten junkfood or drank Coke since she was 14.
  • She has a skimpy underwear with a front design that says, “I like your boyfriend“.
  • She looks good in a two piece bikini.
  • These are why she’s my fashion and health idol.
  • There was a time I sabotaged her dates. :) … because i didn’t like her date.
  • Her lovelife, or lack of it at times, never ceases to amaze me. It’s always somewhat complicated!
  • She’s maybe in denial, but she really is a hopeless romantic and she loves deeply.
  • She follows an encryption code in her writings and keeps secrets really well!
  • Crafty, artistic, poetic, smart, mysterious, sexy, funny,… endearing!

Get to know her more at Chasing Stars and Hazy Drift.

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