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April 22nd, 2011

Choices, #4

Style: Classic, Contemporary or Country?
Crushed Ice or Ice Cubes?
Dogs or Cats?
Books or Movies?
Twitter or Facebook?

My choices are Contemporary, Ice Cubes, No pets, Movies and Facebook.

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April 1st, 2011

On My Wall

On my wall hangs …

When hubby and I were newly married, and have just moved in together to our very first apartment, we were talking about decorating it. I had told him that all I want decorated on the walls are the stuffs that I did myself.

So far I have continued on to this tradition in a way. On the walls in the house we are living now hang my framed cross-stitch projects that I am so proud of. However they are not all done by me.

I have a set of Four Seasons Cross-stitch, one project with a design of basket full of flowers that are in bloom of the depicted season. They are framed to match our electronics stuffs and are hung where the TV and the entertainment system are. So they are in the living room.

Matthew and Four Seasons

Matthew (4), On the wall: Four Seasons Cross-stitch

I actually started the ‘Winter‘ Cross-stitch, but my mother completed the rest within the six months she stayed with us in 2006. It was right around before and after Matthew was born. (She was around to help me with my very first newborn baby Matthew. Right now, Matthew is 4-years old.)

In the dining room wall hangs 3 framed cross-stitch projects: “Eight Horses“, “Mother and Child Scarlet Minivet Birds” and “Mother and Child Tigers“. I started them when we got married and completed them before my first baby Matthew was born. Thinking about this, they were completed within the two years of my ‘I want a baby‘ phase. The theme almost screams that, don’t you think?

Also, in the dining room wall hangs 2 Framed Japanese Dolls, which are not done by me in any way but I bought from Japanese Souvenir Store.

February 18th, 2011

Choices, #2

Classic or Contemporary or Country?
Swim or Hike?
Vertical or Horizontal?
Beatles or Elvis?
Choice or Destiny?

My choices are Contemporary, Hike, Vertical, Elvis and Choice.

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February 10th, 2011

Love is …

Of all the quotes or definition of ‘Love’ that you know, which is (are) the most true to you? Which is (are) your favorite(s)?

Love is a kind of bondage.

Love is never having to say you’re sorry.

Love is letting go.

February 3rd, 2011

Humor Me

Do you have a sense of humor?
Are you funny?

I can laugh at funny jokes and the-not-so funny jokes. If it’s a culture joke that I don’t get, if the joke is American or British, or whatever culture, it has to be explained to me. It can still be funny even if I don’t get it, because that means the joke is on me, and that is fine by me. I can take that.

What I can’t do is – relay a joke effectively. I can’t crack a joke! The more I try, the miserable I get! I’m so pathetic. But there are times when people, hubby especially, thinks I’m funny when that’s the least thing I’m trying to be.

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