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Father and Son having a blast opening the gifts.
While in Florida, the day after Christmas Day, Hubby and I went out to watch 'Avatar'. If there are some things that we both enjoy doing, that's watching movies ... and being silly at the photo booth. Photo taken on December 26, 2009, after watching a movie.
Day 5 in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor and Beach Bumming, Part 2
Matthew's Toy Chest, Photo taken on January 22, 2009
The chase at the farm. Matthew (4) and Mark (11-months)
My Boys, Easter 2013
March 1st, 2009

Alabama’s First Snow, Winter ’09

They say that it rarely snows here in Alabama. This winter it did. We could have played in the snow but we didn’t. Matthew’s sick! At 4p.m. the sun came out and melted the snow, but not before I snapped a few photos through the window from inside the house.

Hubby and a Cadet, Alabama Snow Winter '09

Hubby and a Cadet, Alabama Snow

Some Cadet, Alabama Snow Winter '09

Some Cadets, Alabama Snow

Alabama Snow Winter '09

Alabama Snow

Alabama Snow Winter '09

Alabama Snow

These are Lori’s photo. They are taken around our neighborhood, mostly the school property and the woods. She was kind enough to share these photo for my blog.

October 19th, 2008

Alabama Weekend with Family

BroIL Tom, Matthew, Hubby and MomIL Sally

Bro-IL Tom, Matthew, Hubby Michael and Mom-IL SallyPhoto taken on Oct 18, 2008

It’s always nice to have family come over to visit. Tom, who has relocated from Hawaii to Florida, and Mom-IL took the 8-hour trip from Florida to Alabama to spend the weekend with us. I’m glad they did ’cause I sure had fun having their company. A little change in our weekend routine and a lot of gushing of love over Matthew by Grandma and Uncle Tom are always welcome.

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September 20th, 2008

Boxes and Backaches

So our stuffs are here. They came last Tuesday. After three days of bending over to open and unload the boxes, and bringing stuffs up and down the stairs, my back has been aching. It has been three days but right now, I am on the worst stage of unpacking them, with this backache, when all the boxes are opened, stuffs are everywhere and I can’t seem to decide where to put them. Mainly because of the limited space we have, there is simply no place to put them. Also with all the boxes openend, there are still a few stuffs missing.

But overall, our life is better. The computer has been plugged in and internet has been installed. Matthew has most of his toys. Also, we are watching from the big TV now while sitting in a more comfortable couch. We don’t have to use disposable cups and plates anymore, and the food we take from the cafeteria, we eat them off the floor now. The best thing is we now have the comfortable bed to sleep on, snuggle with more pillows and not have to bounce whenever one of us moves like how it is when sleeping on an air mattress.

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September 6th, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

Finally, we are in Alabama.

Dear hubby accepted a job as a Tactical Officer at a military academy here Alabama. He started last month. Matthew and I stayed in Florida with my inlaws since our stuffs have not arrive yet. They are still not here but we have decided that the labor day weekend was the best time to drive from Florida to Alabama. Anyway, it won’t be too long of a wait anymore.

Thanks to my in-laws for taking me and Matthew here in Alabama. Thanks also for accomodating us in Florida as we make our transition for our new life here in the United States. They have been really great! They have certainly made our transition easier.

We’ve been here in Alabama for almost a week now with only a borrowed 13-inch tv and a worn-out couch and an air mattress to sleep on at night. Our stuffs are coming hopefully very soon. While dear hubby is busy running around the campus, I keep busy by preventing Matthew to go up and down the steep stairs- we have two. From the main floor, one goes up the bedroom and the other goes down to the garage. Our first days here, my legs and back hurt so much.

Our apartment is small but adequate for our needs, except another room would have been useful. The best part, I think, about living here is that, aside from the fresh country air and basic utilities being free – water, electricity, phone, cable and rent, school employees and families are allowed to eat FREE at the cafeteria for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I told hubby not to expect me to cook anymore. He’s okey with that since he really likes the food at the cafeteria. Our sweet home here in Alabama will definitely extend to the cafeteria, and will include a few people who also live in the school campus.

With our stuffs not here yet, the computer included, I am left to do the laundry for my amusement. The highlights of our days are the stroll to the cafeteria and around the campus and the warm greetings from staffs and teachers and students included. The highlight of the week so far is the football game played today by the students against another private school in the area. But we really didn’t stay long to watch the game. Matthew didn’t want to sit and just watch. He dragged me along the side of the field. He wanted to join in the game, which I couldn’t let happen. So we went home.

Some might consider that our situation is out of the ordinary. Well, I think so too. We are still settling in but already, we are liking Alabama. Hubby works long hours including weekends. I wish hubby has more free time but he comes and goes around the apartment a lot, and we can see him almost anytime we want to. That’s good enought for me right now.  

I am blogging through hubby’s laptop which he uses for work so I can only use it when he is not using it. I can’t wait ’til our stuffs get here. I want to get back to my blogging schedule, so I can visit and comment on more blogs.

August 7th, 2008

Alabama Bound But Back in Florida

Since we came back to Florida from our Michigan-Delaware vacation, we had been so busy! I mentioned that we were preparing to travel again and we did! But first we bought a new car, new celfons and a navigation system.

Photo taken on July 28, 2008

Photo taken on July 28, 2008

Dear hubby is so pleased with his black Saturn Vue that took him to his new job at a military boarding school in Alabama. With the new car, dear hubby drove from Florida to Alabama, while Mom-IL, Matthew and I followed him in my Mom-IL’s car. We arrived Alabama on Sunday and got a nice view of his place of work and the place we are going to live in. The apartment is obviously small, with only 1-bedroom, a living area, a kitchen and garage. We will be cramped in a place built for a single person,  but it’s rent and utilities free including cable! And more than that, dear hubby doesn’t need to drive to work since the apartment is within the school campus! I thought it’s a good starting point.

Photo taken on August 4, 2008

Matthew at the School Ground
Photo taken on August 4, 2008

Last Monday, it was dear hubby’s first day at work. On the same day, MomIL, Matthew and I cruised around the area. We found 2 big cities, Opelika and Auburn, just about 20 miles away. We also found probably the biggest University I have ever seen – Auburn University! We took our time exploring Opelika-Auburn area to seek out shopping possibilities, which didn’t come thin, and a few camping sites and attractions.

I have prepared myself that we will be living in the middle of nowhere since
the military school is located in a rural area. However I am so pleased that the nearby cities are well developed and packed. Auburn area is even the highest ranking metro in the State of Alabama.

We are definitely Alabama bound but Matthew and I came back in Florida. We arrived earlier today. Of course, dear hubby had to stay in Alabama. Our household stuffs and furnitures have not arrived Alabama yet, so we decided that Matthew and I would come back here in Florida. We’ll wait in Florida for our stuffs to arrive. And then, we’ll travel back to Alabama.

In the meantime, I will be busy preparing for Matthew’s birthday. He’s turning 2-years old on August 14.

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