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March 29th, 2012

Spring Break 2012, Highlights

Spring Break is over! It was two weeks of Spring break. The first week week being hubby’s Spring break at the military school, the following week was Matthew’s.

It was sad that Hubby’s and Matthew’s spring break did not coincide the same week. We could have done a lot more together. But we were still able to do a few stuffs with Matthew. We went out for Matthew’s first ever trip to the movie theater to watch ‘The Lorax’. (Mark stayed home with a babysitter.)

Matthew was quiet during the movie. (I grilled him at the car that at the movies, we have to be really quiet or we will be thrown out.) He was observing people, and during the times, when other people laughed he just gave a really big smile. But at one time, he whispered out to me that he thinks the boy behind us who was being so noisy. I think him to just not mind him. Later on, there was also a time in the movie, when he told us that he didn’t want to watch it anymore, during those conflict times in the story, when the scenes becomes faster and the music becomes more intense. During this time, he sat on his Daddy’s lap and a few times would cover his face with his hands. It was endearing to watch them two.

Spring, Matthew (5) and Mark (23-months)

Spring, Matthew (5) and Mark (23-months)

With Mark during the Spring Break, a lot of quality time spent with his Daddy and Big Brother Matthew! Mark love the attention all to himself. He loved the leisure morning trips around the campus with Daddy. He also loves playing around the house with his big brother. He learned a lot of stuffs from his big brother like flying like a bird, hop like a bunny,… They have so much fun together. They are such fun to watch!

Matthew, aside from playing with mark, also did a lot of playing xBox. There was also a day or two when I forced him to hold his pencil to practice his ABCs and 123s, but he ended up doodling instead, OR with what his drawing shows, planning a bank heist!

Bank Heist, Plan 1

Bank Heist, Plan 1

Bank Heist, Plan 2

Bank Heist, Plan 2

Originally posted in Facebook on March 20 at 9:24pm:

Thanks to my thoughtful and loving sister Jessica for the wonderful handmade greeting cards we received in the mail today! Matthew thinks his card is perfect, and really wonderful! He is totally amused. Mark played with the envelope. He is also amused!

Originally posted in Facebook on March 26, 2012 at 7:28am:

Spring break is over, and it’s a Monday. Sigh! What a dragging start of the day. I forced myself and Matthew to get up this morning (like every other school day). But Matthew is off to school already, successfully, after a little bit of drama during breakfast. Crying, he told me he doesn’t like me anymore, after I repeatedly told him to quit arguing and just finish eating. Now with one less child to distract me, well, up until end of the school days anyway, I can get back to my spring cleaning. I hope Mark is up for it.

I love Spring! I hope for productive Spring days ahead of me.

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~ Anne Bradstreet

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1 Comment to 'Spring Break 2012, Highlights'

  • April 4, 2012

    Whenever I visit here, I feel the love that you have within your family. Beautiful. Those cards are very nice. Thanks for sharing and the video is terrific. Take care.

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