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February 27th, 2010

Our Love Story, In His Words (Part 1)

Papi and Baby, Malling, Photo taken 2003 Sep 12

Papi and Baby, Malling, Photo taken 2003 Sep 12

When we were applying for immigration visa for me to be able to come and live in the United States, hubby did all the paperwork. All I needed to do was make sure my name was spelled right and fix my signature.

Anyway, the fun part in the application process for me was the ‘Statement of Initial Meeting and Ongoing Relationship’ , where we technically had to state our love story. The better part of it is that – hubby wrote it.

First of all, for introduction, Hubby was Active Duty US Army and was assigned in Yokota Airbase Japan and I was working in Japan. So here it goes … our love story in his exact words. I have to adlib though…

22 August 2004

The following statement is explaining the circumstances of initial meeting and ongoing relationship between Micheal and Charlotte.

On 18 June 2003, we met through a mutual friend, Phillip R., who is the supervisor of Michael at Yokota Airbase Japan. At that time Phillip was dating June Y., Charlotte’s friend. Phillip invited June to Yokota to spend the weekend together and June brought Charlotte with her from Shiojiri, Nagano Japan near Matsumoto where Charlotte worked for Epson as a Software Designer.

Nagano, where June and I lived and worked, is 4-6 hours commute by train from Yokota Airbase. June didn’t want to go by herself, and asked me to come along. I went with her because I really wanted to see the airbase, but I think Phil didn’t like that I was there – the unwanted third wheel!

Phillip asked Michael to pick up Phillip, June and Charlotte from the train station in Fussa just outside Yokota Air Base. We were introduced and from that moment Michael believed he had met an angel.

I have to laugh at reading the statement – that he believe he had met an angel. I have once told him that he is only saying that to make me feel special, but he has been really consistent and he is really sweet like that…

Okaya Yamabiko Park, Nagano Japan, Photo taken on 2003 August 23

Okaya Yamabiko Park, Nagano Japan, Photo taken on 2003 August 23

For Charlotte, it was a different story. Charlotte thought Michael spoke too fast and too loud and had a hard time understanding him and had thought she had met the devil.

I didn’t actually thought I had met the devil, but I didn’t like him at first! I thought he was too loud and swearing and cursing all the time. That on a casual conversation, his sentences would have swear words in between other words, plus talking fast, with that American accent. He was just so hard to understand. At one point, while hearing him talk, I keep asking what is wrong with this guy?, I could understand Phil, they are both Americans and they’re suppose to sound the same at least, but … he’s just weird.

But, as the weekend went on and we talked and spent more time with each other, Charlotte realized that she had met a wonderful man and not the devil.

What really softened me to him, is, at the night we arrived (Friday Night), while the four of us were hanging out watching a movie at Phil’s place, Phil and June were, well on their own, while I was stuck with him but completely ignoring him, Michael took my hand and softly bit my finger. I was really shocked at this gesture, but I thought it was funny that he must really like me that he was really trying so hard to get my attention. Anyway, as the weekend progressed, he played the guitar for me, talked about his grandparents and I just started to listen to him more. Saturday night, we watched the movie ‘We Were Soldiers’. The next thing I know,… I was telling him to kiss me and he did.

Michael and Charlotte in Red, Yokota Airbase, Photo taken on 2003 Nov 01

Michael and Charlotte in Red, Yokota Airbase, Photo taken on 2003 Nov 01

By the end of the weekend on 20 July 2003 we knew that meeting each other was a wonderful thing that happened and thought we should continue seeing each other.

Well, actually I left it to him if he wanted to keep in touch with me. I left him my number without taking his. It was Sunday morning when we left Yokota. Sunday night, I was telling my friend, Susette, about him. She was happy that I had a nice time but she asked, ‘What if he doesn’t call?‘ The truth is if he didn’t call, I thought – it was a great weekend to remember. The reason I didn’t take his number is – so that I wouldn’t ridicule myself by desperately calling him if he didn’t call, but I was really hoping he’d call like he said he would. That night, at 10pm he called and asked about my travel back and how the rest of my day went. He said, he slept the whole day. I was so excited …

Continued at ‘Our Love Story, In His Words (Part 2)‘.

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4 Comments to 'Our Love Story, In His Words (Part 1)'

  • February 28, 2010

    Kilig :) … can’t wait for part 2!

  • February 28, 2010

    nice story charm!

  • February 28, 2010

    Truly, love is a many-splendored thing! :) You’re both blessed to have found each other.

  • March 1, 2010

    Love at first bite!!

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