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January 8th, 2008

Old Blanket

From the book, The Gifts of Life and Love by Ben Zion Bokser.

Old Blanket

A child will clutch an old blanket or an old and battered toy, and will not let it go. He takes it with him to bed, as though it were his most priceless possession. Parents are occasionally baffled, but the child is only affirming a principle that dominates all life. He is attached to the familiar.

Amidst the shifting things which make up the world of common experience, it is comforting to hold on to something which does not change. It gives us a feeling of stability and permanence. The blanket is precious precisely because it is old and worn, because around it cluster many sweet memories of being tucked into it by the tender and loving hands of mother, night after night. The blanket is an anchor that holds the tiny ship to the shore, while yet permitting it to venture a little way in slow motions of discovery and exploration.

We all clutch old blanket of one kind to another. We feel a special attachment to objects, and places, and people, because they carry happy memories for us. We hold on to ideas and persist in habits because they carry the compulsion of the familiar.

This compulsion of the familiar maybe injurious. It makes it difficult for us to grow up, to change, to respond to the call of new ideas. Yet we could not meet life’s demands without it. For this is the source of our loyalty to all that we have and to all that we are. It gives us a feeling of security and permanence, amidst the anarchy of change which we see all about us.

The attachments to the familiar is a device that God has put into our nature, to make sure that we shall live in the three dimensions of time. We are moving from the present into the future, and we are meant to take our past with us.

What is your old blanket?

I have not one but too many old blankets – stuffs that I clutch on because they have been with me for a long time and I couldn’t get myself to throw them away. They hold very special sentiments. They are reminders of who I was, where I have been and friendships that came with it. They hold both good and bad memories, that sometimes they uplift my soul and sometimes they drag me down to sadness.

With these stuffs, uncluttering is especially hard. But in time, I have learned to be selective in what to keep and to let go of some of them. Sometimes in order to move on it is important to recognize that some stuffs are just stuffs.  There are those in our past that has forever left an imprint in our lives and we just have ourselves, the person we have become, as the ultimate reminder.

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15 Comments to 'Old Blanket'

  • January 8, 2008

    I like your very last paragraph about becoming the person you are…and it being the ultimate reminder!! That’s very profound.

    Excellent Heads or Tails. Mine’s posted, won’t you drop by sometime for a visit?

    PS – Happy anniversary.

    Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your comment … – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    I was going to quote the same thing Hootin’ Anni did… I love that last line about ourselves being the ultimate reminder. So very true! I need to learn to let go of a few things, too. *sigh* I’m working on it.

    My HoT is up, too. You’re invited to come by.

    Thanks for the generous comment! – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    This is so true, thanks for sharing this. My “old blanket” has been some old friendships. I’ve had to learn to let go of some friendships that were just dragging me down and not adding anything positive to my life.

    God Bless….

    I know what you mean. There are persons who are not positively contributing to our being! I hope them well, but I try my best to stay away from them .. – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    Very nice… and so true.
    I also have some things that I couldn’t let go…

    In time some things can get easy to let go, I think… ! – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    I can relate to this all too well and have spent a LOT of time and energy getting rid of some negative “old blankets.” I wish you success with yours.

    I’ll add you to the blogroll. Thanks for your renewed interest. :)

    Thanks! I am looking forward to participating more Heads or Tails… – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    Ah, yes. We’ve all had old blankets. I’ve succeeded to get rid off mine finally. Started a new life :-)

    I guess that’s why we have such an easily adapted habit to collect a lot of things…

    I am not so much of a collector myself! but some stuffs just keep piling up on its own … Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your comment! – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    How very true, and said in such a beautiful way. My daughter has a literal ‘blanket’ that she carries and cherishes but I have many others of the type you speak of that I also carry with me still as well. :)

    Thanks for dropping by! Warm wishes to you and your daughter. – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    I had an old sheet like this, its almost torn in many places, but still I have it saved.. this totally reminded me of my old sheet :)

    … reminded you in a good way I hope! – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    Very thoughtful post! I’ll have to think about what my “old blankets” are. :-)

    Mine is up!

    Thanks for your comment! – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    My old blanket? Hmm…this is a good one. I think it’s my attachment to toys. I don’t have children, but have a “herd” of My Little Ponies to replace the ones I “lost” when I was a kid (I think my mom threw ’em out) & many teddy bears, the oldest from when I was 10. I buy more now & then when I like its face & went to Build-A-Bear & spent $ not just on an Autumn Bear (had to get it!) but a cute little outfit. These mostly sit around, but occasionally I will still cuddle them or do my Ponies’ hair just like when I was a kid. I refuse to grow up all the way! :)

    I have a few stuffed toys too but I restrain myself from adding some more. They take up so much space … Thanks for your comment, by the way! – Charlotte

  • January 8, 2008

    I really enjoyed this post – it was very thought provoking.

    As I child, I had the literal ‘old blanket’. Now, as an adult, I have many ‘old blankets’. I think I’ve succeeded in getting rid of most of the negative ones, but there are some positive ones that I will probably always cling to :-)

    … there will be those few that will be too difficult to get rid of! Thanks for dropping by! – Charlotte

  • January 9, 2008

    My daughter still has her favorite baby blanket. The thing is torn and filthy, and I keep threatening to burn it! She’ll give it up when she’s ready.

    Other old blankets aren’t quite so obvious. I’ll have to think about what mine are.

    She’s probably keeping it for its sentiments! I will have a hard time to let go of something like that too… – Charlotte

  • January 10, 2008

    Lovely post. Thank you.

    Thanks! – Charlotte

  • January 12, 2008

    Hello there! The link is fixed now. :-) Thanks for visiting and for the kind comments.

    You are welcome! – Charlotte

  • January 13, 2008

    so profound it struck a chord.
    i too, have been trying to unclutter my
    life recently.

    deciding which one to discard and which
    one to keep can be so tough though….

    I know what you mean! Thanks for the comment! – Charlotte

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