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November 2nd, 2008

First Crushes
‘I Remember When…’
is a Sunday Meme from Mom of 3 Girls, a great idea to start thoughts and memories going, and a reason to stop putting off writing about them.

This is my first ‘I Remember When…’ entry.

There was this boy in school. He was a classmate in Grade-4. He smiled a lot and I liked that about him. We weren’t friends but I knew he had a crush with the prettiest in class. He transferred school the next school year. I don’t remember ever seeing him again since then.

But who I considered my first real crush was the new kid in town, a boy in the neighborhood who lived at the other end of the block. It was when I was in Grade-5 at 11-years old. I called him Mr. Bike since he biked around the block with his friends every afternoon. I remember just anticipating every afternoon he would bike by our house and watching him through the window.

Since I went to an exclusive school for girls in high school, there wasn’t anyone in school that I can have a crush on. So this is probably why I had a crush on Mr. Bike for a long time. It went until I was 15, but we really didn’t become friends. And then my aunt, my mother’s youngest sister who is a year older than me, started to visit and spend the weekends with us. Somehow during her visits, she got acquainted with him and the guys from the neighborhood. Come to think about it now, she had more boy friends and suitors than I ever had in the village where I lived since birth, where she would spend only the weekend. She always had that pleasing personality that boys like, while I was shy, aloof and just unattractive.  Anyway, my aunt, who was so clueless about who my secret crush was, introduced Mr. Bike to me. At that time he was becoming her boyfriend.

I honestly didn’t mind my aunt and my crush being together. A few times, I would even cover for them when they sneaked out. More than anything, I was excitied at the chance to see him up close. But that started the demise of my having a crush on him, not for the obvious reason that he was dating my aunt and that their relationship was getting more serious. But because up close, I found out stuffs about him that wasn’t too impressive. I found out that he wasn’t as special and extra-ordinary as I thought he was. He is a lot better looking at a distance and he was kind’a dumb and shallow for lack of better terms. He lost his mystery and I lost interest.

Then my aunt found out that I used to have a crush on her boyfriend. She told me that if she had known, she wouldn’t have dated him and would set me up with him. I just smiled and thanked God she didn’t find out before. At that time, I already had my eyes on someone else. Eventually they broke up. He cheated on her. She cried, but she quickly got over him.

The last thing I’ve heard about him is he got sick from drinking a lot, still unmarried and still hangs around the neighborhood. Remembering about this now made me smile. I am glad how things turned out especially for me. And I am just glad that in the short list of boyfriends I ever had in my life, he isn’t on it.

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3 Comments to 'First Crushes'

  • November 2, 2008

    Great post! It is funny the way things work out sometimes. :)

  • November 3, 2008

    It sounds like everything did end up working out for the best. Thank you so much for sharing your story this week! :)

  • November 5, 2008

    all girls HS ka pala … hmmm … kaya pala! hehehe ^^
    I smile a lot … so did you have a crush on me too? hahaha ^^

    nice story charm.

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