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Blow the candle. When he woke up on his birthday, we greeted and hugged him
Bank Heist, Plan 2
Hubby and Me at almost 9 Months Preggy, Photo taken on 2006 July 30 at Tama Hills, Japan
Matthew, Swinging by Himself. Photo taken on April 21, 1008, at Yokota AB Playground
Potty Training in Style, Photo taken on Oct. 31, 2008
My Boys, Easter 2013
April 22nd, 2013

Spring 2013

Such a crazy spring weather today! It’s freezing cold when the wind blows. It’s hot when the sun is out. The wind blows on and off. The sun is out and then gone. The weather just can’t make up its mind! And so, when we were out and about, on our flower-viewing today, we were dressed as if it’s Tacky day.

Photos taken on April 22, 2013.

March 29th, 2012

Spring Break 2012, Highlights

Spring Break is over! It was two weeks of Spring break. The first week week being hubby’s Spring break at the military school, the following week was Matthew’s.

It was sad that Hubby’s and Matthew’s spring break did not coincide the same week. We could have done a lot more together. But we were still able to do a few stuffs with Matthew. We went out for Matthew’s first ever trip to the movie theater to watch ‘The Lorax’. (Mark stayed home with a babysitter.)

Matthew was quiet during the movie. (I grilled him at the car that at the movies, we have to be really quiet or we will be thrown out.) He was observing people, and during the times, when other people laughed he just gave a really big smile. But at one time, he whispered out to me that he thinks the boy behind us who was being so noisy. I think him to just not mind him. Later on, there was also a time in the movie, when he told us that he didn’t want to watch it anymore, during those conflict times in the story, when the scenes becomes faster and the music becomes more intense. During this time, he sat on his Daddy’s lap and a few times would cover his face with his hands. It was endearing to watch them two.

Spring, Matthew (5) and Mark (23-months)

Spring, Matthew (5) and Mark (23-months)

With Mark during the Spring Break, a lot of quality time spent with his Daddy and Big Brother Matthew! Mark love the attention all to himself. He loved the leisure morning trips around the campus with Daddy. He also loves playing around the house with his big brother. He learned a lot of stuffs from his big brother like flying like a bird, hop like a bunny,… They have so much fun together. They are such fun to watch!

Matthew, aside from playing with mark, also did a lot of playing xBox. There was also a day or two when I forced him to hold his pencil to practice his ABCs and 123s, but he ended up doodling instead, OR with what his drawing shows, planning a bank heist!

Bank Heist, Plan 1

Bank Heist, Plan 1

Bank Heist, Plan 2

Bank Heist, Plan 2

Originally posted in Facebook on March 20 at 9:24pm:

Thanks to my thoughtful and loving sister Jessica for the wonderful handmade greeting cards we received in the mail today! Matthew thinks his card is perfect, and really wonderful! He is totally amused. Mark played with the envelope. He is also amused!

Originally posted in Facebook on March 26, 2012 at 7:28am:

Spring break is over, and it’s a Monday. Sigh! What a dragging start of the day. I forced myself and Matthew to get up this morning (like every other school day). But Matthew is off to school already, successfully, after a little bit of drama during breakfast. Crying, he told me he doesn’t like me anymore, after I repeatedly told him to quit arguing and just finish eating. Now with one less child to distract me, well, up until end of the school days anyway, I can get back to my spring cleaning. I hope Mark is up for it.

I love Spring! I hope for productive Spring days ahead of me.

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~ Anne Bradstreet

February 16th, 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012

Our Valentine Loot!

Valentine Loot
Valentine Loot

Thanks to Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Tom for half of these Valentine treats. The other half is from Hubby, a.k.a. Daddy!

At breakfast, when I was opening my Valentine’s card from hubby, which has a wonderful message by the way, Matthew asked, “Where’s my card?“. He has already got his Valentine treats from Daddy, and now he’s looking for a card he never cared for before. Good thing, I made him a heart-card, which I hid in his school bag. It’s for him, but he’s supposed to see it during their Valentine card exchange in school. He read the card. I got a big smile from him. We resealed it and back to the school bag it went. I also gave him the valentines card he and Mark got from Grandma and Grandpa.

At school, Matthew’s kindergarten class has a ‘wedding‘ event. In order to teach the students that ‘Q’ and ‘u’ are always together in words, they had a wedding. The boys were Mr. Q and the girls were Miss U. I dressed up Matthew as a groom. Parents were invited. We were going to miss it as Hubby had to be out-of-town for his job, and I couldn’t possible get there on my own. (I still don’t drive by myself.) But hubby got back, and so we tried to reach the school in time for the ‘wedding‘. But, we arrived late. The wedding was over. The reception has just started.

At the school gym, when I saw Matthew amongst the crowd, he was clutching on to his teacher. When he saw me, he ran to me, and just about to cry, told me that I missed it. I was very sad, and felt so guilty! I gave him a tight hug, and told him I am so sorry that we came late, and that he looks so handsome with his cut-out top hat. He did and told his Daddy the same thing, with the very-sad-just-about-to-cry expression on his face. (I swear I will never forget that expression my whole life.)

During the reception, we let Matthew have a cupcake and some red juice. We let him play around with his classmates. I wanted to take a picture of Matthew and his ‘bride’, but with busy kids running around, it never happened.

And then we checked him out to go home with us. While Hubby and Mark waited in the car, Matthew and I went to his classroom to pick-up his school bag. At their classroom, he showed me his journal. He was so proud to tell me that he drew one-hundred hearts for Valentine’s Day! I looked at his journal, and looked at the previous days. His entry for February 10th is what caught my eyes, and gave me even more guilty feelings.

Matthew's Journal, February 10, 2012

Matthew's Journal, February 10, 2012

On the morning of February 10th was ‘Donuts for Dads‘, where dads come over and visit their kids over donuts, and take pictures with their kids. It was a busy day for Hubby at work that day, the he missed it! I didn’t think much of it, and Matthew didn’t even mention about it. I am sure that there are other kid’s dads, who didn’t come, too. I am sure that day, it was a fun filled busy day and they had lots to do in school. But of all the things he could have written about on his journal, he wrote about his dad not being there. Sigh!

Being a parent is so humbling. I swear we try our best to be there for our kids, but it doesn’t always work out. Conflicts in time, schedule and others can be so unavoidable. As sad as this makes me, it’s not even the last time we are going to miss stuffs like these. Sigh!

Life’s conflicts … Sigh!

December 28th, 2011

Christmas 2011, Top Moments

So we were watching a few Christmas movies during the days leading to Christmas Day. We had been doing this during Christmas season since the very first time hubby and I spent Christmas together.

This year, I wanted to include our 5-year old Matthew to this tradition. One of the movies I chose to watch and include Matthew was “The Polar Express”. I was in for a surprise. I never thought that this movie was going to be an intense movie for Matthew.

The movie is about the train ride going to the North Pole by a group of kids, and led by a conductor. Matthew started to watch the movie, seemed interested. But as soon as there seem to be trouble coming in the plot, he would ran off to another room, saying “I don’t want to watch anymore.” This happened a few times.

I didn’t want him to not see how the story gets resolved in the end. So I kind’a forced him to keep watching. We kept telling him that it will all turn out well in the end.

Also, before Christmas, Matthew had terrible cough and colds. One night, I tried to put some vicks on his chest while he was sleeping. I was trying so hard to be so gentle, and not to wake him up while I apply vicks on his chest, but he still woke up.

When he woke up, he immediately blurted out, “I’m in the good list, Mommy!” This made me smile. I said, “Yes, you are. ” and he went back to sleep.

Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa

On Matthew’s letter for Santa was Lego City, sour candy and Lego Ninja. He wrote and mailed the letter himself!

We spent Christmas Eve Dinner with friends. There was drinking and karaoke too. It was fun!

Hubby and I were so excited to pull-off our very first Christmas at home this year. (We are always out of town celebrating Christmas in the previous years.) We wore our Christmas attires for photos, while the babies wore their matching jammies, early Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

Click here to more photos from ‘Christmas 2011 Album‘.

Click here to more photos from ‘Christmas 2011 Album‘.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Click here to more photos from ‘Christmas 2011 Album‘.

Day after Christmas

Matthew and Daddy, Day after Christmas

For Christmas, Matthew got, among many other toys including those in his list, a bicycle with training wheels. Unfortunately he isn’t too interested with it. But he has started riding it when it was nice outside.

Mark got a tricycle for Christmas! He is SO interested in it, except, he needs to grow up a little bit more. His legs are not long enough yet for his feet to reach the pedals. Sigh! Maybe in 6-months he can start really playing with his tricycle.

Mark also got Blue’s Clues DVD for Christmas. He loves Blue’s Clues. He yells “Clue. Clue. ” when he sees the blue paw. He’s been watching it over and over since Christmas.

We were able to chat online with family in the Philippines on Christmas morning, very late Christmas night in the Philippines. They have just finished with the family Christmas party. It was great chatting with them. I miss them so much.

I also got an unexpected but SO welcomed phone call from a long time friend, just to greet me ‘Merry Christmas’.

The weather has been awful this Christmas. Not nice at all, not even white. All wet rainy Christmas this year!

What’s another awful thing is me finally getting a GREAT idea of what to get hubby for Christmas too late. Oh well! I really suck at gift-giving! I really hope to get better at getting him what he wants for Christmas next time.

As for me, I got what I want for Christmas – a lazy, restful day of not doing anything except watching my boys play with their new toys in my new pajamas. And I sure love the new hand-held showerhead and external hardrive that I got from hubby.

These days, Hubby and I have just be lazying out, eating leftovers, and easy-to-make meals; watching movies while snuggling in the couch, and watching the boys play with their toys. And that’s just the way we like it … except for the colds that Mark is having, and hubby and I seem to be catching, too, from Matthew.

December 14th, 2011

Kindergarten Musical

Before the Kindergarten Musical Photo Ops

Click here to view more photos.

There was a Kindergarten Musical in Matthew’s class. I was so excited to see the show, where students from the Kindergarten class has songs to sing and poems to recite.

Weeks and days prior, I was worried. Whenever I ask Matthew about his part, he tells me, “I don’t know. ” This worried me! I don’t care if his part has only two word to say or that he is sheep#2 just sitting in the corner. What I care about is that he KNOWS his part. I REALLY don’t want him to look like the kid who looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I didn’t want him to look clueless and confused.

When I told my mother-in-law about my worries, she said that if Matthew turned to look clueless and confused, she’s sure that he won’t be the only one. This was suppose to make me feel better. Although I laughed, it still worried me.

For the longest time I braced myself from not contacting his teacher and not asking her about his part. (And not asking for a copy of the program and details of Matthew’s part, so I can rehearse with Matthew. ) My reason is simply I fear that this kind of interference would backfire on Matthew. That there might be an added expectation from him if I interfered.

Thankfully, on the last few days before the musical, when I asked him again about the musical, he said that they practiced and mentioned a few song titles. Finally, a little hint about the musical, and a hint that somehow he knew what’s coming and what he is doing.

Finally, on the day of the musical, we arrived early! We got a good spot in the audience. Matthew, along with the other early birds, waited at the front by the stage. I am actually amazed at how he behaved while waiting for the starting time. He have minimal fidgetting and he sat there the whole time. Of course, he kept adjusting his santa hat, talking to his seatmate, but he was behaved!

Then the Kindergarten Musical began. I am SO proud of Matthew. He sang songs and recited a poem in chorus. There were a few time he yawned on the stage. There were a lot of times he was just mouthing the words, and he is usually the last one doing the actions. He also got a wardrobe-malfunction while playing with his long sleeves while on stage. But he was there, keeping up with his classmates and he’s got presence. He was right in front, and he can’t be missed.

Kindergarten Musical

Kindergarten Musical

Matthew (5)

I wish there was better lighting on the stage! I could have gotten better and brighter pictures. I am so disappointed at the awful pictures I took!

Thankfully, I brought with us the video camera. Hubby took videos religiously. It was so fun to watch. I can’t believe how much Matthew has grown and that we he survived his very first musical on stage.

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