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August 14th, 2009

A Baby Story, Part 1

This is the event that happened three years ago. When we were welcoming a precious little angel into this world.

Hubby and Me at almost 9 Months Preggy, Photo taken on 2006 July 30 at Tama Hills, Japan

Hubby and Me at almost 9 Months Preggy, Photo taken on 2006 July 30 at Tama Hills, Japan

It was Friday, Hubby and I saw my doctor on a regular appointment at Yokota Airbase Hospital. We were still living at Yokota Airbase  in Japan that time, and had been privileged to see the capable doctors at the base.

The doctor said I’m almost ready, in my full term pregnancy at 38-weeks, but since I haven’t shown signs of labor, he gave me an inducer pill. The doctor didn’t want me to go further in the pregnancy since I was diabetic. There are risks like the baby will get bigger in the womb that it will become hard labor. So I was induced. It should take effect in a couple of days.

I went back to work and finalized my maternity leave. That day was my last day before the leave. Hubby on the other hand, had filed his leave weeks prior mine! My mother had been with us for a few weeks already. She visited from the Philippines to help out with the baby.

That night I had been feeling pain, which I thought was contractions. After a few tabulations of the intervals of the contractions, I called the hospital. I talked to a nurse and she asked me series of questions. Later on she evaluated that it’s a false alarm. She said that if it was real contractions, I wouldn’t be able to speak on the phone so calmly as I did because of the pain.

Saturday and Sunday came by. Hubby was playing with his XBox and my mother was doing cross stitch. We are all anxious for the baby to come. I can tell that my mother’s anxiety was becoming more and more apparent with every sigh she makes when she looked at me. And with a frown, she tells me ‘Manganak ka na kasi! ‘ (Rough Translation: Be in labor already!). I was still able to go around the house, and do some light housework and a few times we walked around the block. I felt pains now and again but nothing serious.

Monday came. It’s my next appointment to the doctor. We went like every other doctor’s appointment. But I was congratulated. The inducer worked, I was dilating. It’s time!

The nurse strapped me with their gadgets to monitor me and the baby – our heart rates and even the contractions. I was having contractions but the intervals were still irregular. I wasn’t feeling any severe pains. I was stapled in bed, anxious and just waiting. Hubby came back home to pick up my packed stuffs and my mother. She wanted to be there when the baby’s born.

I wasn’t allowed to eat anything except ice chips and water. Made me wish I ate a hearty breakfast! Lunch came, then dinner but no changes, I was still in manageable pains. I was feeling more hungry pains than the supposed labor ‘pains’ or contractions. I frequently implied to the anesthesiologist and the nurses that I am having the baby the natural way, no epidural necessary. At this point, Hubby was playing with the video camera, going through the hospital gadgets, and just acting funny, and we were just laughing along.

Matthew at 5 months

Matthew at 5 months

Then the doctor checked me out. My contractions were getting more regular and more frequent, almost every 5 minutes or less but my water did not break yet. When the baby’s heart rate was getting erratic, the doctor decided to break my water herself. This is a really really painful procedure! I felt a whoosh of water from me. From then on, I just felt so weak with pain with every contraction. I don’t know how other women in labor was able to yell out loud. I was just in so much pain! I had blurred vision, I couldn’t even breath right because of the pain. I felt like my hips were being crushed and all my insides are being pulled out. Then the nurse asked me if she should call the anesthesiologist. All I could manage is to whisper ‘Yes, please.‘.

At this point Hubby was getting excited, his smile was all over the room. We all knew that the baby is coming anytime very soon. My mother was trying to massage my back to try to relieve my pains. Then the anesthesiologist came, and performed epidural procedure on me.

I was on the seated position during the epidural procedure. Hubby was hugging to support me and prevent me from moving during this very delicate procedure. While all this was happening, my mother who was right next to me, had to sit at the other side of the room at the sight of all this. After it’s done, I was smiling again, relieved and free of pain. Thank God for epidural! Then, I saw my mother all pale and looking like she’s going to pass out! Maybe it wasn’t a good idea for her to be there …

Continued at A Baby Story, Part 2.

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4 Comments to 'A Baby Story, Part 1'

  • August 14, 2009
    tita jessie

    i hope this time you will have less complications. Congratulations nang!

  • August 15, 2009
    Grace @ Sandier Pastures

    Thank God for epidural, really! Although I didn’t have that luxury when I gave birth 6 years ago and endured a very long labor (something to the tune of 30+ hours!).

    Wait, I don’t understand the first comment..are you expecting again?

  • August 21, 2009

    bitin naman … where’s part 2?!! ^^

  • August 25, 2009

    love this story… il watch out for part 2…

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