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August 5th, 2007

99 Things About Me

  1. My name is Charlotte, the English female version of my father’s name so I can say (write) I am named after my father. (His name is Carlos.)
  2. I was born and raised in my hometown, Zamboanga City Philippines. My mother and brother still lives there.
  3. I am born under Pisces zodiac sign, year of the horse.
  4. I grew up with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins around. Relatives in my mother side all live close by. I like growing up with so many relatives around. There were always playmates and people to rely on in times of need. Of course, there are always the meddling-into-each-other’s-lives and all the quarrels and misunderstandings that the meddling caused to the point that life sometimes seemed like soap opera, too much drama! But then, after all has been said and done, violently or otherwise, the soap opera becomes something to laugh about.Cute Cousins
  5. I am the eldest among 3 siblings and 10 cousins in my mother side. The 4 who followed me are all girls.
  6. I never liked being the eldest because it was such a big burden growing up, from setting a good example, giving sensible advice to making good decisions.
  7. The eldest they say would shape up the template that the younger siblings will follow. I am so careful not to shape a bad template for my younger sibling and cousins included. Of course, they are not going to follow a bad example (I hope), but I was so cautious not to lower the bar in good behavior. I felt that if they screw up I’ll be my fault for setting a not-good-enough example.
  8. Now I feel like, while they were out having fun, I was missing out a lot when we were growing up. So unfair!
  9. I never babysat any of my younger cousins, not even my brother who was 12 years younger than me. I watched them once in a while but I was not in-charge of them when they were babies.
  10. My father died when I was 13. I was 1st year high school.
  11. The reality of his death finally sunk in after the funeral. I saw my mother just stare at the blank wall. It was very unsettling.
  12. The following weeks, it was decided that I transfer to a public school. We could not afford my tuition fee anymore to the private school my sister and I was attending. Of course, I understood the decision but I’ve been going to that school since kindergarten. It was very difficult for me to be pulled away from comfort.
  13. When the nuns and school officials found out about the transfer plan, I was given a scholarship to stay in my school. It was a relief. My sister had the same thing.
  14. I completed grade school and high school in this school run by RVM Sisters (Religious of the Virgin Mary). It’s exclusive for girls. My husband calls this the lesbian school.
  15. I was not low profile in high school nor was I popular, rather, I was anti-popular.
  16. I can proudly say that I did not peak in high school. I have a better social life after high school but that also goes to say that I didn’t have much life in high school. (Like I mentioned earlier, I missed out a lot!)
  17. I was good in school, in Math specifically, but I really sucked in History and Science.
  18. At 16 (senior in high school), I was a delegate of our school to the World Youth Day 1995 in Manila, when Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines. It is the biggest crowd I have ever seen.
  19. From where I was standing, Pope John Paul II was as big as my thumb. I was standing on a wall or fence or something (can’t really remember) too far from the stage where the Pope was. I can’t really rely on my height to see something in that big crowd from that very far away.
  20. Off campus, I was a member of Bukas Loob sa Diyos Youth. It’s a Catholic Charismatic Youth Group. I really like this kind of worship group.
  21. I wanted to go to college at University of the Philippines. I passed the entrance test but my mother didn’t like me go to college in Manila. She considers Manila too far from home.
  22. When I found out that I qualified for college scholarship from DOST (Department of Science and Technology), I decided that I will NOT go to college in my hometown. It doesn’t have to be in Manila.
  23. I went to Cebu City for college. I took up Computer Engineering in USC. I like studying in Cebu.USC-Dorm, Room 4 Beauties '98
  24. At 17, I was living in Cebu by myself (away from the comforts of home) at the campus dormitory.
  25. At the dormitory, I enjoyed my independence and the company of 5 roommates plus 60 more dorm-mates. There were 6 persons in each of the 11 rooms per dormitory. There were 3 dormitories, 1 for girls and 2 for guys.
  26. Living in a dormitory with roommates and dorm-mates from all over Visayas and Mindanao taught me a big deal about tolerance, patience and understanding! It was my very first taste of multi-cultural environment.
  27. I did my own laundry. I hand-washed all my clothes, including jeans. (No washing machine at the dorm and money is not enough to hire laundry woman.) At first, it took me the whole day to finish laundry and the next day to iron! Then, I started caring less on how good I should wash my clothes and I began to be selective on which clothes to iron.
  28. Well, back at home I cooked for dinner every night and did other chores but didn’t have to do the laundry.
  29. In my last 3 years at the dormitory, one of my roommates was my sister. She also went to same university, also under the same scholarship. (She did her own laundry).
  30. I was the Dormitory Assistant on my last year in college.
  31. Supposedly as a Dormitory Assistant, I was to take care of all the 66 girls (dormers). Guys have their own Dormitory Assistants.
  32. Aside from the occasional quarrels, gossip problems to stolen missing sandals or umbrellas, things went relatively smooth during my reign at the dormitory.
  33. My sister and I went thru a lot of teenage experiences together both in Cebu and Zamboanga.
  34. I was a fulltime college student. My mother did not allow me (and my sister) to work part-time for extra money.
  35. But I am proud that I didn’t need more money than what was given to me (scholarship and allowance). I’d like to think that’s because I handled money well.
  36. For my whole college life, every summer, Christmas vacation and semester break, I came home to Zamboanga on a 45-min plane trip or more often, on a 2-day ferry ride.
  37. Every time I was in Zamboanga, I enjoy the company of my hometown friends. We would just hang out outside our house, play guitar and sing until late night. It was fun while it lasted.
  38. While in college, I watched an average of 3 movies a week – local and foreign.
  39. I was 19 years old, in my 4th year in college when I had my very first cell phone. It’s a Nokia, black and really bulky. It heats up that my face burns up and gets really sweaty when I use it and I have to share it with my sister. (My brother was 11 when he had his first cell phone! Very unfair but times were different! I can’t really complain.)
  40. On the academic side, I was okay. I am grateful to all my friends/classmate in college. We helped each other stay on track. By the way, most of them were scholars too, who like me, didn’t want to lose the scholarship. Naningkamot gyud mi! (We were trying hard!) I didn’t have to repeat any subject.
  41. I graduated Computer Engineering in March 2000.
  42. After a few jobs applications and interviews, I was so shocked to be accepted for a job for Epson-Japan. I felt so lucky!Just Nine
  43. It was a shock because I didn’t think I did well in the test.
  44. I signed the contract and we were off to Japan on June 2000.
  45. The first months of training were a BLAST! It was a PARTY! Thanks to JustNine, Fujitsu Gang, Kuya-F, Kuya-R, etc.
  46. The later half of the training was tense, at least for me! I wanted to get the job but I was prepared for the worse. Well, I got the job as Software Developer.
  47. My Japanese manager and Indian and Japanese officemates were really nice to me. I have nothing to complain about them.
  48. Filipino officemates were also nice. We are still friends until now.
  49. I never really learned to converse in the Japanese language but I get by in Japan.
  50. This became my regret – to not able to converse in Japanese.
  51. I worked that job until the company decided to send us off back to the Philippines for the new branch in Cebu City.
  52. At first, I looked forward to go back to Cebu (really!) but …
  53. I met my husband on July 2003. I was 25. He was 36.Valentine 2004
  54. I didn’t like my husband at first because I couldn’t understand him. He spoke American in a very American way, but …
  55. He really took my attention and I love him very much since then.
  56. I turned down the Philippine job and got married in 2004, after 6 months of dating.
  57. We were legally married in January 8. We had the Catholic Wedding Rites on March 7.
  58. I like being married. It’s great!
  59. I enjoy our movie nights together, which is every night.
  60. We wanted to have kids as soon as possible but I did not expect that it was NOT easy to get pregnant, at least for me. It took us almost 2 years to get pregnant.
  61. While waiting to get pregnant, I decided to go back to work but not too far and not too hard.
  62. My new workplace was right next building to where we live. I can get there in 2 minutes…
  63. And because of this, I am always on-call.
    Daddy and Mommy
  64. I worked as Customer Service Representative first, and then transferred to IT position. I will always be grateful to the Customer Service Supervisor and Manager for my transfer to the higher paying, regular IT position.
  65. I enjoyed working on a multi-cultural English speaking environment. There were American, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Filipino employees, all speaking in English.
  66. It was Dec 24, 2005 when I found out I was pregnant through home pregnancy test.
  67. For a lot of months before that though, I was pregnancy-testing on a monthly basis. The results were always negative and I cried each time.
  68. When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t believe it. I cried a lot more – tears of joy!
  69. I had a greatest appetite in my whole life when I was pregnant but I had to be on a diet.
  70. I was diabetic. Doctors said that if I ate too much while pregnant and diabetic, the baby will grow too large inside me. I might not deliver the baby naturally. (Of course, the preference is for a natural delivery.)
  71. I aimed for ALL-natural delivery…
  72. But when my water broke, I asked for epidural!
  73. I don’t regret using epidural!
  74. They had to use a plunger-like device to get my baby out because I couldn’t push him out or I just didn’t know how to push.
  75. At 28, I had my baby Matthew on Aug, 2006, after a whole day labor. My baby was so tiny, so fragile, so handsome, and so perfect!
  76. I could not understand how I was feeling when I first held him. I wanted to hug him so tightly but didn’t want to squeeze him. The feeling was just overwhelming. It’s still is!
  77. My husband and my mother were with me the whole time at the delivery room. Thank God!
  78. When Matthew was 7-months, I brought him on a vacation to my hometown by myself. Our flight plan, Narita(Japan)– Manila(Phils)–Zamboanga and back for the return travel. I have to say that I enjoyed our vacation but I found out by experience that it is VERY difficult to travel with a baby! I almost passed out twice. First, in Manila while waiting for the flight for Zamboanga because I was too tired and dehydrated. Second, on our trip back, already in Narita. I was carrying a crying baby and his full pack while pushing our luggage to the waiting area where my husband was waiting.
  79. I quit my job when Matthew was 9-months old.
  80. I am enjoying every minute of being stay home wife and mother.Accad Family
  81. Through all this time, my mother has always been supportive of me and I love her very much for this.
  82. I love my sister too. She’s my best friend. She knows my secrets.
  83. I love my brother. I want to give him all the luxuries I never had while growing up.
  84. I love my husband. He has everything I ever wanted in a man. He gives me love and everything I need. He husband thinks I am an angel (he told me so) and he treats me the best. Who can top that?!
  85. I like taking care of him and cooking for him. He seems to really like my cooking.
  86. I like his company a lot. He makes me laugh.
  87. I loved him even more when I saw him become ‘Daddy’ to our child.
  88. I love my baby. I’d give him my life.
  89. I breastfed my baby exclusively until he was 3 months.
  90. I love smelling him and hearing his laughter.
  91. And I like his cry too. He makes the funniest faces when he cries. He makes me laugh, and then he stops crying and starts laughing back at me.
  92. I wish my father lived to see all these. I miss him so much.
  93. I like to sing. I always wanted to be a band singer.
  94. I am easy to get along with, really!
  95. I can be laid back and easy at times, but I can be strict, quiet and organized too.
  96. I like to read non-fictions books and media.
  97. I am very creative and artistic.
  98. I am into Arts and Crafts. I have finished and framed cross stitch projects. I’m finishing up with my second oil painting. I have to start soon – Matthew’s Milestone Scrapbook/Album.
  99. It took me more than 2 months to complete this list. J
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9 Comments to '99 Things About Me'

  • August 6, 2007

    Wow what a list!! Did lesbian school rock? he he.

  • August 7, 2007

    congrats on completing the list!

  • September 9, 2007

    I enjoyed reading this. I’m glad to be part of our lesbian rock n roll school. lol. And I’m happy of the way things turned out for you. Oh, Balot. I hope we really can get to see each other again. I hope when you get back to Manila, you’ll let me know! Muah Muah!

    May I come up with something like this, too? haha

  • September 11, 2007

    enjoyed reading this charm!

  • September 24, 2007

    wow! 99 facts! i never thought you’d be able to summarize your life in 99 items. good job nang!

  • September 19, 2008

    great read! :)

  • August 2, 2009

    wow, what a bunch of lists!
    i really love reading it all. it brings me back those days leaving together in the same room and i always gave you a hard time regarding my attitude towards u and i realized now how bad i was as a roommate and as a friend ( if you consider me then hehehee ).
    i learned a lot from u and whatever u are having right now is Gods graces of being U as a good daughter, sister, friend and as a person.
    hope to hear more of u.God bless!

  • August 2, 2009

    oh! we have pictures d ay dri sd. am crying now, how i remembered those days……
    thanks char for including us. u know we were 6 roommates and 3 of u are already abroad ( Krizia and u in the US ) and then Dolley ( canada), bernadine ( i dont have any news about her ) and ading as u mentioned is in your homeplace and meH ( stacked up here in Ormoc )

  • December 29, 2009
    Tata Yu

    Hello Manang! I Miss u na!

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