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Web and Blog Design, Services and Prices

Website Building

  • Website Building from Scratch
  • Blog Migration to installed WordPress
  • Other Services
    • Technical Assistance
    • Plugin Installation for WordPress
    • Contact Page for WordPress
    • Other Blogger or WordPress Features

Design Custom Package

We will create a package that works for you. Start with the Basic Package and just add elements and features that you want to include.

Basic Package

The Basic Package includes the following:

  • Custom Page Header
  • 1 Menubar or 1 Widget Ready Sidebar or 1 Customizable Footer
  • Comments Customization: numbered, alternating colors, etc.
  • 1 Standard Footer
  • Background (Solid Color)
  • Installation
  • 1 month Support

Page Layout Elements

  • Navigational Bar or Menubar
  • Additional Widget Ready Sidebar
  • Customizable Widget Ready Footer

Graphic Elements

  • Design Graphic Elements. This includes all graphic elements that composes the design: page background, page borders, footer backgrounds, etc.
  • Coordinating Additionals:
    • Additional Custom Page Header
    • Additional Page Background
    • 125×125 Link Button and code,  Static Single Frame
    • 125×125 Link Button and code, With Animation and Rotating Frames
    • Banner and HTML code
    • Sidebar Header
    • Sidebar Header Graphic Background
    • Navigational Bar or Menubar Header
    • Navigational Bar or Menubar Header Graphic Background
    • Watermarks
    • Post Separators
    • Signature

WordPress Features

  • Header Randomizer: This needs additional coordinating Page Header.
  • Pagination
  • Featured Post Section with Sliding Photo
  • Most Popular Post Section
  • Others


As a general rule, I will be reselling the design on a different page layout and color scheme. Should you intend to own the exclusive rights to use the design, you are welcome to do so. Of course, you can not buy the exclusive rights for released design already being used by other users.

  • Exclusive Rights to Use the Design

Other Fees

  • Complexity
  • Others

Web Design Process and Payments

Once you have established that you want my services, I will be collecting Non-refundable Initial Fee before I start the design.

Once you have chosen a theme from the premade themes, it will be re-created according to your preferred page layout,  color scheme and inspiration. Your inspiration could be anything from your favorite photo, to your family, loves, hobbies, etc. Please provide time consideration if there is no theme in the theme gallery that fancies you that I have to create a new theme also according to your preferred page layout, preferred color scheme and inspiration. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. I will keep on revising the design until I get your approval.

As soon as you have approved the specially created or re-create theme for you, we can finalize the design package according to your preferences and budget. When we have finalized the design package, thus finalizing the final price, a 2nd payment of 50% of the balance is required before installation. Pay the balance after installation.

A full payment before the design process is also acceptable.

Individual Website Elements

For these individual website and blog elements, a full payment must be made before the design process.

  • 125×125 Custom Link Button and Code
  • 125×125 Custom Link Button and Code, with animation and rotating frames
  • Custom Banner and Code
  • Custom Header
  • Graphic Page Background

Please feel free to contact me at