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Tutorials are available for the following origami projects:

Christmas BouquetChristmas BouquetChristmas Bouquet 930Purple-and-Gold Hanging OrnamentBaby-Pink-n-Blue Bouquet BallWarm-n-Bright Bouquet-BallBright-Citrus-Bouquet-BallPink-n-Yellow Bouquet-BallPastel Bouquet Ball

The price, payable via PayPal, gives you 1 (one) week access to the tutorial. The tutorial(s) include:

  • Sizes, Measurements
  • Color, Recommendations and Tips
  • Step by Step procedure, with helpful pictures and tips
  • Print Friendly Format

If you do not have a PayPal account, or should you choose, you will receive an online PayPal invoice where you can pay online with your cash/debit/credit card. Payments via PayPal are safe and secure.

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I understand that after I make the payment, a PASSWORD to access the tutorial will be sent to the email address I provide below.

I understand that the PASSWORD will expire after 1 (one) week.

I will NOT share the PASSWORD.

While I may keep, sell or gift my finished project, I understand that the tutorial is a property of this site.

While I may print or reproduce the tutorial to paper form for personal use ONLY, I understand that I may NOT reproduce this tutorial for any other use, including retransmission, redistribution or editing, to any form or media, without prior permission from the owner.

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