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Charm! Origami

My beautifully handmade ‘Origami-Inspired Crafts and Creations’, such as Christmas ornaments, flower bouquets, money creations, and more, are carefully handmade with quality paper. They are beautiful, delightful, eye-catching, and brightens any space in homes and offices. They are ideal decorations, centerpieces and party favors for weddings, showers, themed-parties and other special events! They make a wonderful gift for all occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day and alike. Or as wonderful token of appreciation and love for that special someone.

All my creations can be custom-handmade to your preference color, size, or whatever design you can think of, that can be made out of paper, folded into your beautiful creations.

Please feel free to contact me at ~ Charlotte

Charm! Origami-Inspired Creations

Christmas BouquetEstrella Flor and Star, Red and Gold SetChristmas BouquetChristmas Bouquet 930Estrella Flor, Blue and SilverEstrella Flor, Blue and GoldCherry Blossom and Star Sea, Gold SetEstrella Flor, Purple SetStar Sea, Gold Hanging OrnamentCherry Blossom, Gold Hanging OrnamentPurple-and-Gold Estrella FlorPurple-and-Gold Estrella FlorPurple-and-Gold Hanging OrnamentSoccer Ball Origami Ornament #2Soccer Ball Origami Ornament #1

Christmas BouquetChristmas BouquetChristmas Bouquet 930Purple-and-Gold Hanging OrnamentBaby-Pink-n-Blue Bouquet BallTeal-n-Pink Bouquet BallSimply Red Origami Flower BouquetWarm-n-Bright Primula Bouquet BallPink Delight Bouquet Ball18 Scarlet Flowers Bouquet BallPink-n-Blue Bouquet BallWarm-n-Bright Bouquet-BallBright-Citrus-Bouquet-BallCrimson-n-Blue Bouquet-BallPink-n-Yellow Bouquet-BallPastel Bouquet Ball