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link button

A link button a.k.a blog button is a graphic representation of your blog or webpage that links to your website or blog site. It can be static or with animation. A static link button is fixed, while a link button with animation contains graphic frames that changes in sequence at a time interval to make it look like it’s blinking or rotating.


A sidebar is a section at the left or rights side of the web page or surrounding the main content. It contains links, instructions, advertisements and/or other information.

customizable footer

As for ‘Charm Designs’, a customizable footer is just like the sidebar but specially located at the footer section. It’s widget ready and customizable by the user.

standard footer

As for the ‘Charm Designs’, the Standard Footer can not be customized and contains the following:

  • Copyright Statement
  • Layout and Design Credit
  • Disclaimer (optional)
  • For WordPress, Meta Links: ‘Site Admin’ and ‘Login/Logout’ (optional)
  • Others (optional)


The footer is the bottom section of the web page. This section in most websites is where the copyright notice, linksĀ  to privacy policy and contact information are located.

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