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Charm! Designs

My name is Charlotte! I am a wife and mom, a blogger, a hobbyist, arts-and-crafts enthusiasts, artists and more.

I provide products and services on the following fields:

Origami Inspired Crafts and Creations

I offer beautifully handmade ‘Origami-Inspired Crafts and Creations’, such as Christmas ornaments, flower bouquets, money creations, and more.

My creations are carefully handmade with quality paper. They are beautiful, delightful, eye-catching, and brightens any space in homes and offices. They are ideal decorations, centerpieces and party favors for weddings, showers, themed-parties and other special events! They make a wonderful gift for all occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day and alike. Or as wonderful token of appreciation and love for that special someone.

Please browse though my origami-inspired creations from this link – ‘ORIGAMI‘.

Web and Blog Design

I provide Website Building Assistance, Web or Blog Page Layout and Design and other services for blog-base websites on WordPress and Blogger platform.

I took on blog design as a hobby. I like tinkering with HTML codes. I am quite good with color combination and I have an eye for details. I think blog design is fun!

While going through my blogs, I’ve learned so many things about website building on blog based platform – that WordPress and Blogger are not only for blogging but they are effective tools as platform for websites that serve whatever purpose.

As my background, I graduated Computer Engineering. I worked as a Software Developer for a few years. I also became System Administrator.