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January 16th, 2014




Craftsy is a fast becoming popular online community of 1.5 million makers, crafters, DIY-ers…

We know that anything we want to create is in our hands. No matter our craft of choice, from quilting, to knitting, to sewing, to cake decorating, and more, together we take our skills to new heights alongside the world’s best instructors. We inspire and support each other with helpful tips and positive feedback along the way. We pour our hearts and souls into our projects and take pride in what we make.

We believe in providing the best education. We believe in handmade. We believe in you.

~ From Craftsy Site

After Day 1 of signing up to this Craftsy site, I’m hooked! They have FREE online tutorial for all sorts of crafts including cake decorating, jewelry making, paper crafts, even photography and a lot, lot more. I think, it’s better than Pinterest! I’ve already found the project I’m going to do with my boys for Valentines Day. I’m so excited…


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