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Behind Life’s a Charm!

My name is Charlotte, born and raised in the Philippines – true Filipino by heart! I am wife to Michael and mother to 2 boys. I am a movies, arts and crafts, and contest-giveaway enthusiast, aspiring web designer, and more.

About All Things Bloggy

All Things Bloggy is an extension of Life’s a Charm!

While in Life’s a Charm!, I post about more personal stuffs about my life and my family, in All Things Bloggy, I list current contests and giveaways, current blog events, and feature other blogs and all other bloggy interests.

This all started with my self serving purpose of tracking down all the giveaways I have entered and earning extra entries by blogging about them. And I have chosen not to blog it Life’s a Charm! since my followers there are friends and family who are mostly non-bloggers. My postings on bloggy things will be irrelevant for them. As my posts increased, I realized that this can be a source of information for some giveaway and blog enthusiasts like myself. At the same time, I have increased the exposure of those blogs’ whose giveaways I have entered and the products they are promoting. Much more than I could have done in Life’s a Charm!.

At this point, this blog mostly contains contest giveaway listing categorized by END dates. I welcome request for contest and giveaway listing. Submit your contest-giveaway using the Submit-a-Contest-Giveaway form. In doing so you become a contributor to this site.


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