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The Giveaway Enthusiasts, Tangie

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Save Your Money Mama

I am so pleased with this opportunity to get to know another very interesting giveaway enthusiast! Her name is Tangie, the person behind Save Your Money Mama blog. In her blog she joins fun memes and other mom blog topics and lists giveaways, contests, freebies, deals and sales. She also reviews product and hosts giveaways in her blog!

I have recently mentioned that I think it’s more efficient to enter giveaway by end dates. Tangie shares with this opinion not only because of efficiency. Read thru her interview and find out her reasons. You shall also learn a few more tips of increasing your odds to win contest and giveaways.

Tell me about yourself.

Hi! My name is Tangie, and I live in Northern CA with my husband and 3 boys! I also work full time as a junior high school English teacher, run an afterschool program at my school AND still have enough time to win at least 1-5 prizes per week!

How many contest-giveaway do you enter? How often do you enter?

I enter giveaways when I have extra time. The more I enter one week, the more prizes I know I will win. For example, on a week where I’m super busy, I may only enter 5-10 giveaways. On a weekend, I enter in between life and usually get to enter at least 40 giveaways. On my school breaks, I allot about one hour per day to giveaways and that’s always enough to keep the UPS driver comin’. There are weeks where I seem to enter tons, and weeks where I seem to get no time and only enter maybe 5. For example, last weekend I was feeling sick and unable to get out. Hubby took the kids out and about for the day (hooray!) so I could “rest”. Well my “rest” included entering over 50 bloggy giveaways! A few weeks ago though, I was so busy that I didn’t get to enter any giveaways the entire week!

What is your greatest highlight and frustration with regards to entering contests and giveaways?

Greatest highlight: I work hard and as most of you have experienced, money is still tight much of the time. I can’t always afford extras such as hot new toys, expensive facial products, and Starbucks coffees. BUT I can still enjoy them by winning them! And I also love to find new blogs and hot new products! I constantly come across amazing products, shops and bloggers while entering giveaways! I’ve found some products while entering giveaways, that I couldn’t live without now! And everytime I go to a family gathering or a party, everyone wants to see what I’ve won since the last time they’ve seen me! Many people have seen something I’ve won and loved it so much that they got one themselves!

Greatest Frustration: When I win a prize from a blog, but never receive the prize. While rare, it does happen now and then. I know of one particular time, a neighbor saw a man come up and take a package right off of my porch that was just dropped off by the UPS man. Weird.

What sort of giveaways items or prizes do you enter? And what sort of giveaways items or prizes do you skip?

120x115_grayson2I almost always enter blog contests with about 250 entries or less. I ONLY enter for prizes that I am truly interested in trying out or that I know I want! I don’t waste mine or the sponsor’s time by entering giveaways in which I am not truly interested in the prize itself. Rather than worry about how much a prize is worth financially, I think about how much it is relevant and useful and exciting for me!

I look for giveaways for things such as shoes for my kids, clothes for myself or my kids, gift cards to large retailers (I live in a big city so I’ve got just about every store here), books and toys for my kids, and household items. brown_tn2I’ve also won a few cool things for my dogs, such as the PetCam and the Springfield Dog Toy Prize Basket! I also enter for products that I know I want to spread the word about! Every time I arrive at a family gathering or party…everyone wants to see what hot new products I’ve won since the last time they saw me! So I enter contests where the products are relevant and useful to me, and that I know I ‘d be thrilled to show off.

What is the the very first prize you’ve won? most memorable? most expensive? most unique?

The very first bloggy giveaway I won was about a year and a half ago. I won a Huggies prize pack and I was hooked!!

Most memorable prizes: $250 gift card to, Pepsi Superbowl Prize Pack, And just as I typed this…the doorbell rang…UPS man dropped off the amazing Pocket Purifier pocket-purifierI won!

Most interesting/unique prize: A petcam. I strapped it on my doggie and caught him in the act of using his teeth to rip the stuffing out of the couch arm!

Most useful prize: The shopping tote STUFFED full of Kimberly-Clark products, such as Viva paper towels, Scott toilet paper rolls, Kleenex tissues, Huggies baby wipes, and Cottonelle products. AND the Eyebuydirect prescription eyeglasses that I won.

Is there a giveaway item or prize you really liked that you ended up buying yourself?

Crayola TodoodlesEntering giveaways is not only about winning prizes, it’s about learning about products and shops and reading what others think about them. When you enter a bloggy giveaway, you are likely going to be asked to visit the sponsor’s website and look around, learn about their products and shop. This is my favorite part! It’s my way to shop without leaving my home! This is how I find out about so much of the cool stuff I buy online! Very commonly, while visiting a sponsor’s shop, I will buy an item I see other than the item being given away! Other times, I win an item and love it so much I become a lifelong customer! And yes, sometimes I order the giveaway item AND enter the giveaway, if I end up winning, I can simply have two or give one away as a gift. This happened with the Slanket. I saw it on a giveaway, decided I needed that to use and wear in the cold mornings when I get up and drink my coffee and blog. I ordered one in the chocolate after entering the giveaway. And then, I won the giveaway! A gorgeous burgandy Slanket arrived at my door soon after that. And now hubby doesn’t try to steal MY Slanket!rad-prize

There are way too many other items that I have bought after discovering them in giveaway to possibly list. But some of my most memorable are the Crayola Beginnings Tadoodles Scribble & Sing Art Station, See Kai Run Shoes, SpinLash, and many household/beauty/baby products!

Is there a blog or site with giveaways you won’t enter? For what reason?

I don’t want to point out any websites I avoid but I will say that I do avoid those blogs that typically have 300 entries for every single contest. I just don’t win those enough for it to be worth it. I truly avoid those blogs who just review anything they are sent or paid to review and are super busy with like 400 entries per giveaway with 10 giveaways at any given time. There are waaaaay too many smaller giveaways for the 7 prizes! I don’t like to waste my giveaway entering time for giveaways with bad odds! I still visit, comment, drop, and enjoy. I just don’t enter the giveaways.

Now, I’m definitely not saying do not visit such sites. I subscribe and follow to blogs regardless of how many giveaways or entrants they may have. I’m simply saying from a giveaway entrants point of view which contests to avoid entering if you are trying to win, from a statistically speaking odds term. In no way am I suggested what type of site to visit or enjoy!

How long do you think a regular giveaway should last?

I like giveaways that last approximately 2 weeks. On my blog, my giveaways are always about 2 weeks long.

What is your criteria of a great contest-giveaway?

A great giveaway criteria: Not more than 120 entries, a prize that I really would like to try out or have, something useful, and something that I would be excited to spread the word about!

Do you host giveaways?

Yes. I have been entering giveaways and maintaining my blog for close to a year and about 4 months ago began hosting reviews and giveaways! It is so much fun!

As parting words, Tangi gave this great tips to follow in entering giveaways.

Enter giveaways arranged by closing date. If you enter them when they first come out, you won’t know if they are going to have too many entries to be worth it. For example, if I am in the habit of entering newly posted giveaways, I may believe that there are good odds. But If I was to go back and check when the giveaway ends, there may be 500 entires! Waaaay too many for the odds to be in your favor. So if you find them according to ending date, you can weed through the ones with lots and lots of entries and identify the ones with a small number of entries and better odds! Plus, you’ll find out right away if you’re a winner!

Always, always, get your extra entries. If you don’t have your own Twitter, go get it. If you don’t stumble, get over there and sign up. Get as many extra entries as you can! And if you are only going to use the Twitter to tweet giveaways, or Stumble just for stumbling for your extra entries, go for it! Before you know it you will have followers of your own and you will be a full fledged Tweeter or Stumbler! And if you have your own blog or site, I highly recommend getting EntreCard. I have found some of the most amazing new blogs and product reviews and giveaways from blogs on EntreCard!eyebuydirect eyeglasses

If there is a specific prize that you are after, find the giveaways and enter. Example, I am in dire need of new glasses, but my budget wasn’t in the mood! So I saw that there were lots of  giveaways out there at one time. I went to Google, and searched blogs for “eyebuydirect giveaways”. BAM! I found over 20 and entered them all! AND I won on 2 of the blogs. So now I won 2 pairs of glasses up to $100 each! Talk about saving money mama! And the best part? Once I wore my new glasses to work and people found out what a great price they were, they wanted to know where and how! They were excited to learn that you can order glasses online for over half of the price and none of the hassle of the middle man! And I was excited to share the news! I know I’ll never get my eyeglasses anywhere else. That’s what giveaways are all about. You get to win products, try them out for free and then you know what you should spend your hard earned money on!

Do you love contests and giveaways? Are you a giveaway enthusiasts? Would you like to read more from ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts’ features? Would you like to be featured here too? Visit ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts’ page.

Posted on April 10th, 2009 by Charlotte
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