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The Giveaway Enthusiast, Janna

Janna @ Feed Your Pig
Feed Your Pig

Janna embodies the true definition of a ‘sweeper’. I am actually amazed at the prizes she has won – a Wii Console System from, $250 Gift Certificate, her wedding gown to name a few.

She hopes that through her blog Feed Your Pig, she will be able to teach people how to use the internet to fatten their finances or their “pig”. It’s goal is to show consumers how interacting with brands and use the internet creatively can help to save them money by receiving products, discounts, or money itself.

I’m so happy when Janna contacted me to be featured in this series. Her years of experience in joining sweepstakes and contests will prove invaluable to other contest addicts and sweepers out there.

A Little Something about Janna

I am a 28 year old, married women. My husband Tommy, my dog Phranklyn, and I live in Columbus,OH. I am a Psychiatric Care Technician by day and a sweepstakes enthusiast by night. I am also venturing into blogging! My hobbies are crochet and sweepstakes. I love spending time with my family, learning and teaching about mental illness and addiction disease, and using my laptop (nonstop)!

How many contest-giveaway do you enter? How often do you enter?

I enter as many contests as I can find depending on the prize! If I had to guess, I would say somewhere between 25-50 NEW contests per day and 400-500 DAILY contests everyday! I spend sometimes up to 6 hours per day entering contests depending on if I have to work or not. I do my best to enter every single day without fail. Sometimes that doesn’t happen if there is illness in my family or a big family event. As of today, I have entered 28,600 expired sweepstakes in the past 4 years.

What is your greatest highlight and frustration with regards to entering contests and giveaways?

My favorite thing about entering contests is receiving things in the mail! I love “surprise wins” that come unannounced! They always seem to come on a day when I need a “pick me up”. One frustration I have is with sweepstakes that are built on flash programmed sites. They take longer to load and enter and do not work with my form-filling program!

What sort of giveaways items or prizes do you enter? And what sort of giveaways items or prizes do you skip?total-beauty-suki

I enter contests for prizes that I can use or that a member of my family or close family friend can use! My favorite contests to enter are for gift certificates, handmade prizes, and eco-friendly items. I tend to skip contests that have prizes I will not use. I especially skip prizes for which I cannot afford taxes on like very expensive trips or large gift certificates to stores I don’t shop very often. I recommend being picky about the prizes you enter for so that you are not wasting your time and energy!

What is the the very first prize you’ve won? most memorable? most expensive? most unique?

The very first prize I ever won was a wedding dress from Alfred Angelo! It was definitely the most memorable and the most expensive too! The most unique prize I have won are called “Dictionary Magnets”. They are magnets made out of recycled dictionary pages and are made by a shop on Etsy!

Is there a giveaway item or prize you really liked that you ended up buying yourself?

The first thing I think of that I really wanted was an Ipod shuffle! I never wanted a regular Ipod because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of scrolling through music lists. As soon as the Shuffle came out and the contests started, I really wanted one. You don’t have to even look at the shuffle to use it! I ended up buying one at Best Buy! Another thing I really wanted after entering a contest for is the Magic Eraser Mop! Yes, it does work and I got it cheaper at Dollar General!

Which blog or site is your favorite giveaway site? Who is your favorite giveaway host?

My favorite contest site is I have been a member there for 5 years now. The site is well setup and all spam is weeded out! The forums are nice because most people using them are kind and willing to be social. My favorite blog sites with contests are An Ordinary Life and So A Blonde Walks Into A Review!

Is there a blog or site with giveaways you won’t enter? For what reason?

There is not a specific blog that I won’t enter from. I haven’t had a bad experience yet! I don’t, however, use other “sweepstakes directory” sites on the web other than Online Sweepstakes because I find that most are clutter with spam and advertisements.

How long do you think a regular giveaway should last?

I don’t really have a opinion on this. I think it’s up to the person holding the contest and also depends on the prize, sponsor needs, time limits on promotions, etc.

What is your criteria of a great contest-giveaway?

The first thing I look for is that there is absolutely no charge involved. I refuse to pay shipping, handling, processing, or anything else. A prize is supposed to be free. If it’s not free, it’s not a prize. Great contests should have attractive prizes (not necessarily expensive) and have easy to understand rules. I also like contest forms that work with my form filler!

Do you host giveaways?

I have just began hosting contests on my new blog! We have 3 running right now and will have many more in the future. I have found that giving people things is as fun as getting them! Contests are listed on the right hand side of my blog under “Blog Giveaways” at Feed Your Pig.

What are your tips for hosting contest and giveaways?

I am still learning about how to host contests! The most valuable thing I can say is to be curteous and professional with any company you work with as a sponsor. Be willing to promote what they need promoted and allow them to make changes to your draft if needed. After all, they are helping to bring traffic to your page. Contests are advertisements and are good for everyone involved. Remember to thank the sponsor for their product and time.

Parting words for other giveaway enthusiasts.

Parting words…. get ROBOFORM! Roboform is a free form filler program that does NOT disqualify you from contests. It simply fills in your name, address, etc in any form that comes up in your browser. It will save you hours of time. Be patient! Enter sweepstakes/contests/giveaways is a hobby that takes patience and time! I have received prizes for a sweepstake that ended an entire year before!

Do you love contests and giveaways? Are you a giveaway enthusiasts? Would you like to read more from ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts’ features? Would you like to share your experiences and be featured here? Visit ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts’ page.

Posted on March 15th, 2009 by Charlotte
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1 Comment to 'The Giveaway Enthusiast, Janna'

  • March 15, 2009

    This looks great! Thanks for featuring me! Love your site!