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The Giveaway Enthusiast, Stacie

Simply Stacie

Stacie is the lovely lady behind two blogs, Simply Stacy and The Natural Way and co-owner of Mystic Connections. She is one of those familiar faces in the bloggy giveaway world for she not only enters giveaway that fancies her but she also host series of interesting giveaways from Twilight inspired pieces to perfumes and varied items.

I am thankful to Stacie for her warm reception to my emails and for gracing All Things Bloggy with her presence in this series of ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts‘. I am sure that her insights will be useful to other giveaways lovers out there and to giveaway hosts who want to gain more entrants by following her tips.

A little bit more about Stacie

I’m a SAHM of two girls ages 4 & 10. I’ve been married for 10 years and live in Ontario, Canada. My husband is in the military so we have moved around quite a bit in the last 10 years. I studied to become an Accountant and worked in public practice firms for 5 years. I left my job in August 2007, because of chronic health issues and now stay home to look after my kids. I love reading, writing, and of course blogging and entering giveaways :)

How many contest-giveaway do you enter?

I’ve never actually counted, but I know its quite a few! When I first started, I entered everyone I came across, but now I’m being a bit more picky and only entering the ones with prizes that I really really want. Since I started my blog, I have had to cut back in the amount that I enter because my own blog is keeping me so busy! I just don’t have the time I did before.

What is your greatest highlight and frustration with regards to entering contests and giveaways?

I love getting the emails saying that I won! Its always such a nice surprise and it makes me feel really good! My frustration is finding out that I won something and then be told they won’t ship to me because I am in Canada. I know a few times that has happened when the rules didn’t state that it was US only. I wish the blogs would put who can enter and if its US only to state that in bold and not in fine print where you can barely read it. I make it a point on my blog to say who can enter and make it visible.

What is the very first prize you’ve won? most memorable? most expensive? most unique?

The first prize that I won was a travel guide called “Live Your Dream Road Trip” from a Travel Products blog! The most memorable one is when I won some organic eggnog from Focus Organic. They fedex’d it to me overnight and it came refrigerated. It was for a small carton too. It was really good and had a chuckle that one carton of eggnog made its way to me in small town, Ontario from Chicago LOL. The most expensive prize wasn’t from a blog, but from V-tech. I won a cordless phone with 3 handsets! It came at the perfect time too since our old phone died literally the day before. The most unique was the Pass it on Plates I won from the blog Pass it on Plates. It was a package that provides you with decorations to dress up a baked good that you are giving as a gift. I thought it was such a unique idea and loved it!

What sort of giveaways items or prizes do you enter? And what sort of giveaways items or prizes do you skip?

I enter for mostly everything- jewelry, books, clothing, kid’s stuff, baby stuff (for my little niece), home decor, DVDS, music to name a few.

I normally skip coupons (since most are for US), breastfeeding or maternity items (I’m done having kids!) or toys just for boys (I have all girls).

Which blog or site is your favorite giveaway site? Who is your favorite giveaway host?

Oh wow this is a tough one because there are many. I guess if I had to choose, I would pick my fellow Canadian bloggers- Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous, Organized Chaos, Everything Up Close to name a few. They normally have giveaways that Canadians can enter and you can always count on them for great prizes. And they are super nice people too!

Is there a blog or site with giveaways you won’t enter? For what reason?

I can’t think of one site with giveaways that I won’t enter offhand. I do read the instructions carefully to make sure its not just US only. If I find that a site mainly has US only giveaways, then I sometimes skip them over when I am going through google reader. I also usually won’t enter giveaways that make you blog about their giveaway for the main entry or want you to make a purchase to enter.

How long do you think a regular giveaway should last?

I would say 1 to 2 weeks.

What are your criteria of a great contest-giveaway?

  1. Canadians can enter.
  2. Great prize
  3. Not too complicated to enter. (I avoid the ones with multiple steps for the main entry).
  4. Choose the winner via

Do you host giveaways?

Yes, I do :) I host many of them! I invite readers to come check them out.

What are your tips for hosting contests and giveaways?

Have a prize that you would want to win yourself. Keep it open for a week or two to give people the chance to enter. Make the main entry only one step like visiting the sponsor’s site and choosing a favourite item. Offer bonus entries like subscribing or following my blog. Make it clear who can enter and how the winner will be selected.

Parting words for other giveaway enthusiasts.

Keep entering and your consistency and perseverance will pay off. The more you enter, the more chance you have to win. Remember to follow the giveaway rules and read carefully so your entry won’t be disqualified. And the big one- make sure that you can be contacted if you win!

Do you love contests and giveaways? Are you a giveaway enthusiasts? Would you like to read more from ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts’ features? Would you like to be featured here too? Visit ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts’ page.

Posted on March 8th, 2009 by Charlotte
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