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The Giveaway Enthusiasts, Delaney

I am so excited for this next feature. She just won $100,000 for entering a contest online and she will be basking on Jamaican sun very soon as part of her winning.

Delaney Roberts from Delaney’s World has granted her time to be featured here. There’s no one more fitting to tell us about her contests and giveaway experiences but someone like her who have won bigtime! She has been featured in her local TV station. And I’m sure all the people in her town in Kansas are rejoicing for her. I think she did a good choice running away with the money than a yellow Ferrari, when she was given a choice between the $100,000 check or a yellow Ferrari. But that’s just me.

Congratulations on your $100,000 win, Ms. Delaney! I hope you’ll have fun in Jamaica.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 54yr old semi-retired woman that started a simple blog “Delaney’s World” a little over a year ago as a way to connect to others online, share my thoughts and to try and make people smile or laugh since I strongly believe we need joy and laughter every day in order to stay sane.

How many contest-giveaway do you enter? How often do you enter?

I got more into contests and giveaways in the last 6 months or so because a lot of my blogging buddies were having them and they were fun. I won a few and became addicted. I spend maybe an hour or two a week checking out what contests or giveaways are out there and if they interest me I enter.

What is your greatest highlight and frustration with regards to entering contests and giveaways?

I hate blog giveaways that are confusing to enter which is usually because the blogger hasn’t done many. I like the blogs that have all the ways to enter in one easy to understand prominent place and that reward people that follow regularly with extra entries.

What sort of giveaways items or prizes do you enter? And what sort of giveaways items or prizes do you skip?

Unique Esty items always attract me as well as books. Now that I am going to be a new Grandma I have started entering more baby giveaways especially when it’s for a girl since we know the sex of the baby due in Nov. I tend to skip coupon giveaways most times but will occasionally enter if it is one of my buddies doing the giveaway. Food items aren’t terribly attractive to me unless it is a gift card to a restaurant around us.

What is the the very first prize you’ve won? most memorable? most expensive? most unique?

Oh gosh, I’m not sure what I won first but I think it was a pair of earrings from an Esty shop. Most memorable and most expensive are all in one. I won a 2006 Ferrari from Roar Clothing USA! Links are here and here. Needless to say I never expected to win something that big in my lifetime.

Is there a giveaway item or prize you really liked that you ended up buying yourself?

I have considered it but so far haven’t found that item that I couldn’t live without if I didn’t win it though on some book giveaways I am more tempted since I am an avid reader and like to check out new authors.

Which blog or site is your favorite giveaway site? Who is your favorite giveaway host?

I use your site quite a bit, Online Sweepstakes and Big Sweeps. Three of my blogging buddies have lots of contests and I usually enter theirs and have won on two of them before. Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 – Is It Monday Already? and Grocery Price Blog.

Is there a blog or site with giveaways you won’t enter? For what reason?

Haven’t run into a site that has sent me running the opposite direction yet

What is your criteria of a great contest-giveaway?

Great pictures, good information of what the prize is and multiple entries possible. For Sweeps a spectacular grand prize is always fun but I usually figure I might get lucky and win one of the lesser prizes so sweeps with lots of prizes always catch my eye.

Do you host giveaways?

I started having some giveaways to celebrate the 1st anniversary of my blog and then I have continued though most of my recent ones have been for books

What are your tips for entering contests and giveaways?

Be persistent and spend a little bit of time each week checking out what is out there. I spend maybe 3 hours max a week but I use sites like I listed before, to find the ones I’m interested in. I look for single entry big sweeps (like the Ferrari I won) or sweeps that expire in a couple of days and usually enter the ones with products I like or something that catches my eye as an interesting prize.

Parting words for other giveaway enthusiasts.

Enter, enter and keep on entering…one day you may get a phone call like I did! But have fun doing it. This isn’t a job – it’s supposed to be fun and don’t plan on becoming rich as most people will be disappointed. Also, it’s like playing the lottery. Yes the odds of winning are high but everyone basically has the same odds and someone will win. Next time it could just be you!

Do you love contests and giveaways? Are you a giveaway enthusiasts? Would you like to read more from ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts’ features? Would you like to be featured here too? Visit ‘The Giveaway Enthusiasts’ page.

Posted on August 28th, 2009 by Charlotte
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1 Comment to 'The Giveaway Enthusiasts, Delaney'

  • September 1, 2009

    Thanks Charlotte for asking me for the interview, I appreciate it and linked to this on my blog. :0)