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The Giveaway Enthusiast, Charlotte


There is a person behind All Things Bloggy and all these giveaway listings. My name is  Charlotte and this is me as a giveway enthusiasts.

How many contest-giveaway do you enter?

A lot! I consider myself as giveaway enthusiasts, but really, I am more of a serial entrant! To be honest, I had quite some luck entering giveaways, but considering the number of giveaways I enter a day, it’s just about right that I win a little bit.

What is the most memorable prize you’ve won? most expensive? most unique?

Lee Jeans is the most memorable because I was so disappointed that I didn’t fit in it. But the fault is all mine because I gave the wrong size. It made a really nice gift for my mother though. It fits her perfectly.

I also won set of baskets from Simply Sarah which I adore so much. They are so useful in my household right now. When I looked it up,  I was shocked that they cost $55, however with is great quality and design, the price is just about right.

In your experience of entering contests and giveaways, what are your highlights? What are your frustrations?

It’s always a highlight when I win. The most frustrating for me are those contests with winners that are not randomly chosen, those with certain rules of entering. I enter them too because they are fun to enter. But so far, my entries don’t get chosen. I have less luck with those kind of contest.

What sort of giveaways items or prizes do you enter? And what sort of giveaways items or prizes do you skip?

I find myself entering contest with prizes like jewelries, bags, gift certificate, gift cards, art prints or unique art products, clothing for me or my toddler or products that I think will be useful for me and my family. I also enter most food item giveaways. There are not much items for giveaways for men. I do want to enter some contests with prizes for hubby!

I skip infant products because I don’t have use for them anymore. I also skip pregnancy tools and clothing for obvious reasons and most cosmetic products because, frankly, I am skeptial with new cosmetic products even if it has really good review. I skip coupons, blog makeover or design.

Which blog or site is your favorite giveaway site? Who is your favorite giveaway host?

I have a long list of blogs who really provides great giveaway products. These blogs are owned by great product reviewers and great giveaway hosts.

Is there a blog or site with giveaways you won’t enter? For what reason?

I want to know my odds before I enter. So if by the time I enter, my odds to win is so thin. I won’t enter anymore. Also, I won’t enter contest that looks suspicious of being fake. But I have not found such a blog. I am quite skeptical with non-blog sites, except if it is refered by a blog that I trust.

How long do you think a regular giveaway should last?

1-2 weeks

Do you host contest and giveaways?

So far, I’ve hosted two contest during my years of blogging. I welcome hosting costest for any willing sponsor.

What is your criteria of a great contest-giveaway?

  • Great unique prizes (expensive prize is a plus)
  • Simple and clear rules to follow
  • Easy and fun to enter
  • Open Worldwide
  • Legit, Fair Hosts

As a contest-giveaway enthusiast, what are your tips for hosting contests and giveaways?

There is nothing more uncool to the giveaway world than a bogus contest. I think the most basic is for the contest to be fair and legit, as most contests are. However, sometimes, even fair and legit contest appear suspicious.

  1. State clear instructions, conditions and requirements for entering and the deadline. This is to prevent confusions and questions while the contest is ongoing. This will also prevent making (un)necessary changes in your contest. Because if you keep changing the contest post, it will degrade the fairness of the contest you are running. You also risk appearing disorganized, indecisive and unreliable -and suspicious!
  2. State how the winner will be chosen. This is another way to establish the legitimacy of the contest.
  3. Prompt and visible announcement of winner(s). This also helps establish the contest as fair and legit. As it also provides closure to those who entered. The sooner the winner(s) are announced, the better for you as a host. Also, it will be good if the winner acknowledges the winning publicly. (Note to self – post my winnings!). The two common ways to announce the winners are through a winner announcement post and by appending the winner’s name to the contests post. I prefer the latter.
  4. Make sure the prizes are sent and sent promptly. Some hosts thinks that its over when they send winners’ information to their sponsors but it isn’t. I am not shy to follow-up on my winnings after two-weeks of waiting. But some people are shy to follow up on their winning to the point of just assuming that they’ve won from a fake contest. When this happens, your blog is doomed to be flagged as ‘the-blog-running-bogus-contest‘. This will not affect your sponsor’s reputations because as far as the winner is concerned it is between you and the winner. So as a contest host, I think it just make sense for you to follow up on to your sponsor when you haven’t received a confirmation from your winner.
  5. Have your sponsor mention your name or blog as the host of the giveaway, when they send the prize. There are times when I’ve won the same prize from two different blogs. (Sometime I am that lucky!) The prize came to my door but I didn’t know which of the two blog to thank aside from the sponsor. Also, some people like to announce their winnings. So if they will be reminded which blog they’ve won it from, you might just get a bonus linkback.

The Giveaway Enthusiasts is a series exclusively found here at All Things Bloggy, that features lovely people who are the most valuable readers of the giveaway aspect of the blogosphere.  Read more about The Giveaway Enthusiasts..

Posted on February 28th, 2009 by Charlotte
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3 Comments to 'The Giveaway Enthusiast, Charlotte'

  • March 23, 2009

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • March 8, 2009

    Great first post for the series! As someone who hosts giveaways, I think I’ve picked up some helpful tips, too.

  • March 2, 2009

    fabulous info :)
    will respond to your email later this week :)